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[ Danger] Acid reflux disease-causing an unpleasant smell to do?

1. Acid reflux dangerous nausea it?

First, duodenal reflux is a common condition of many ages that exists in the gastrointestinal tract. Gastric acid, meat, stomach contents, etc. for various causes spill out through the pyloric hole.

This disease begins a lot of different manifestations such as gushing, indigestion, epigastric pain, choking behind the breastbone,…, in which reflux of stomach nausea is also a typical manifestation of the disease. Nausea in patients with this disease can appear at different times of the day.

Yes, nausea is a normal reception, but it can also be a terrible signal. Let’s look at a few elements of vomit in patients as supports:

  • In people who are sick, the stomach area is more irritable because of increased levels of gastric acid, which can lead to vomit. However, this is an explanation that is not dangerous for the patient and just needs to rest for a while to have rid of this feeling.
  • When food is finished, it is around the time when the stomach turns to contract, rub and digest food. Patients who exercise will cause food to overflow, causing nausea. Patients with acid reflux disease should also relax. This feeling will stop. This is not a dangerous expression for the sick.
  • Sphincter helps food and gastric juice not make up whenever the stomach contracts. In patients with reflux, the stomach will reduce more, leading to damage to this organ. This will raise the feeling of nausea when the stomach is active, and this is a dangerous expression for the patient.
  • Stomach acid composition in patients with reflux is always very high pointing to mucosal surface damage. The stomach will appear inflamed foci, ulcers causing pain and nausea. Nausea, in this case, is a dangerous expression.

Acid reflux dangerous nausea it?

2. Acid reflux causing bad breath to do?

Like nausea, unpleasant smell is a common manifestation of esophageal reflux disease. This phenomenon exists when belching or food overflowing for many days causes unpleasant odors.

Bad breath negatives values for people with special issues in communication. Here, we look at a few supportive methods of treating acid reflux disease:

  • Use licorice to treat bad breath

Licorice is a common oriental medicine with a sweet taste. Licorice, licorice for drinking water, has a neutral effect on stomach acid, protects the mucosa and also helps reduce bad breath.

  • Cure stomach reflux causing unpleasant smell with a mint

The peppermint-rich peppermint leaves have always been the apotheosis of all kinds of odors. The usage is very simple, you can break a handful of mint leaves and drink water. You can also chew mint, then wash your mouth once. The mint flavor will eliminate odors.

  • Use lemon to eliminate odors

Using fresh lemon peel to rub the mouth cavity, teeth or chewing lemon peel is a brilliant way to treat bad breath. The essential oils in lemons have antibacterial and deodorizing. properties, repelling the bad smell in patients with reflux.

  • Cure acid reflux causing bad breath with ginger

Ginger has a quite specific taste, so when using ginger can suppress bad breath, reduce stomach acid, … Patients can use a cup of ginger juice daily to treat bad breath.

Above are some foods to treat bad breath caused by duodenal reflux disease. However, prevention is better than cure. People with this condition need to limit tobacco use. Tobacco causes bad breath for everyone, not just people with reflux. Also, avoid eating lots of shrimp sauce or other strong odors.

Acid reflux causing bad breath to do

Heartburn No More – Home remedies for acid reflux

3. Note when nausea and acid reflux cause bad breath

People with this condition have to do reasonable differences in diet, exercise, and actions to treat the disease. Let’s look at some remarks with subjects duodenal reflux causes nausea and a bad smell:

  • Reasonable rest method, do not stay up too late, so go to bed before 11 pm, sleep 6-8 hours/day to ensure the best condition. Studies demonstrate that staying up too much will develop stress and worsen the condition.
  • For people who are sick, eat soft, easy-to-swallow foods that can be broken down to reduce stomach pressure during digestion. Eat the last meal at least an hour before bed to avoid nausea and bad breath.
  • Do not use smoke, ethanol, methanol, or other stimulants to protect the gastric mucosa from duodenal reflux.
  • When sleeping, the sick person should have a slightly higher knee. The stiff knee reduces the push on the stomach with the larynx and esophagus, freeing the symptoms acid reflux that causes bad breath.
  • Avoid sweet foods like chocolate, soft drinks because sweets give off steam. Too much steam can also cause belching and bad breath. Besides, avoid spicy, spicy as it is not good for the sick.
  • Increase your absorption of greens for better digestion and eat fresh fruit will reduce bad breath. A well-functioning digestive system reduces nausea and bad breath in patients with duodenal reflux.
  • In people with stomach obesity, it is desirable to apply a weight loss rule to reduce the burden on the digestive operation.
  • Avoid the use of sedatives, analgesic anti-inflammatory drugs, corticosteroids, etc. In patients with a past of the above medicines, care should be taken and additional effective medicine to treat the disease.
  • It is fundamental to observe the treatment regimen prescribed by the doctor, not to quit or add medication.


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