Heartburn acid reflux

Acid reflux causes coughing, causing coughing up phlegm

1. Acid reflux causing cough?

There are many people who think that acid reflux causing coughing, having sputum is one of the most typical manifestations of duodenal reflux disease today. So this true?

According to some surveys, coughing is not a typical symptom in patients with duodenal reflux disease, but at least cough is associated with 25% of the disease.

However, it is not so that people with persistent coughs are always diagnosed with acid reflux disease because people with persistent coughs themselves may have other illnesses at the same time.

There are two causes of acid reflux disease that cause coughing:

  • A cough is a reflex when something (gastric, acid, food) falls into the throat of an infected person.
  • Second, reflux takes place on the patient’s food pipe and produces acid droplets to accidentally fall into the throat. This condition, also known as laryngopharyngeal reflux, causes coughing attacks to combat reflux.

Acid reflux causing cough

2. Does acid reflux cause cough up what to do?

Acid reflux disease is a condition that gets worse and signals your health is in danger.

Sputum is a mucus formed by the treatment of esophageal reflux that has a dominant impact on the respiratory tract epithelium. When the gastric acid comes to the windpipe with the proliferation of toxic bacteria, they form sputum in the throat causing discomfort.

To be diagnosed with an effective cough, patients need to be tested by doctors for good diagnosis and proper treatment plans.

The strongest means to find out acid reflux is not to rely on the PH. By using a small wire guide tube from the tip of the nose to the feeding tube for analysis and endoscopy over a specified time.

To overcome this situation, the sick person should first practice for himself a healthy and scientific lifestyle such as

  • Stop using drugs because they will influence not only the stomach but also other structures in the body.
  • Eat slowly, chew carefully and avoid overeating: Large meals will cause the esophageal sphincter to cause stomach acids to flow back up the food pipe.
  • Do not lie down after meals or during meals: This will unintentionally increase acidity.
  • Do not wear thick clothing: Wear cool clothes to save your stomach from getting pinched.
  • Use of pharmaceuticals: Some remedies to treat esophageal reflux cause coughs and other symptoms are antacids, H-2 receptor inhibitors, PPIs, etc.

Heartburn No More – Home remedies for acid reflux

In addition, you can treat acid reflux much at home by the following public forms:

  • Use peppermint as a juice: Peppermint has many ingredients that help relieve suffering, protect bowel pain, and reduce cough and sputum production. Patients can use peppermint juice to promote the cough.
  • Use turmeric to make medicine: Turmeric contains curcumin essences are for stomach surface. It not only heals the sores but also neutralizes the amount of gastric acid and prevents reflux. Thanks to that, there was also no cough and sputum. Users should mix turmeric with warm water to drink daily or mix with yogurt to use.
  • Use green banana powder before meals: This meal will contain soluble pectin fibers that help prevent stomach acid and fight cough symptoms. Patients should use green banana powder blended with honey to spend 2 hours a day will achieve high efficiency.

Does gastroesophageal reflux cause cough up

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3. Caution when having acid reflux disease accompanied by a lot of coughing

Many people with stomach illness often doubt about if acid reflux causes a chronic cough for them? Another survey showed that duodenal reflux disease accounts for 40% of the sources of chronic cough.

We know a chronic cough is common as a severe cough, the time considered being a high cough will last about 8 months. To prevent this brainwashing, patients should adhere to the following notes:

  • Always try to maintain a healthy body mass (BMI): this is necessary because it will reduce the number of acid reflux up the larynx.
  • Stimulants, alcohol or smoke should be avoided.
  • Eat enough of fresh green foods, avoid foods that are too spicy. Absolutely not recommended foods are chocolate, caffeine, oranges, tangerines, garlic, onions, and fatty meats.
  • Able to place pillows high in the nighttime sleep.

With some problems with acid reflux that causes more severe coughing, we will advise the patient to have surgical approaches. We will perform the surgery when the patient is determined with correct reflux esophagitis causing the cough. Doctors will usually tighten the lower esophageal sphincter or insert a magnetic method to support the services of the lower esophageal sphincter.

Those are the specific details we want to give you, especially for patients who have questions about acid reflux disease. If you find it interesting, let’s share this article to let more people know. Thanks you


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