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Acid reflux should eat, refrain from? 12 foods improve disease very well

1. Diet for individuals with gastric reflux should note what?

Acid reflux disease is a disease that leads to many unpleasant problems for patients. The absence of scientific daily consumption is one source of reflux condition. For this infer, besides medical practice, you require having a healthy, scientific diet. So what should we eat if we have acid reflux? In fact, patients should choose foods suitable for stomach health corresponding to the accompanying rules:

– Decide for acid neutralizing foods like bread, fruits, cereal.

– Avoid foods that increase acid secretion or meals that can offend the esophageal muscles such as caffeine, soft drinks, carbonated drinks, cocoa, peppermint, spoiled foods, spicy foods, …

2. Acid reflux should eat

  • Fresh vegetables

Natural vegetables are low in fat and carbohydrates, so they can help cut down the acid in the stomach. Green leafy vegetables are valuable in vitamins, healthy stomach fiber that you can determine such as fresh beans, cauliflower, asparagus, cauliflower, fresh leafy salads.

  • Acid-neutral fruits (watermelon and melon)

If you don’t know what you should eat, then watermelon and melon are a wonderful decision. Because these 2 types of melons can neutralize the acidity in the stomach. Watermelon melon contains many vitamins which help provide abundant vitamins, needed for the body, and improve the condition of indigestion and indigestion.

  • Ginger

Ginger has long since we have used longa food for the stomach to help neutralize digested acids. Ginger has materials with positive negative-inflammatory tracts, so using ginger will be a natural method for digestive troubles. If you are having acid reflux condition, you can use fresh ginger cooked with alternative meats or make ginger tea to drink, which will be very effective in lessening symptoms of reflux.

  • Oatmeal

It also considers oatmeal is also to be a wise decision for the question of what acid reflux should eat. Because grains are a fiber-rich cereal, good for absorption, it can be an excellent breakfast for people with acid reflux condition.

  • Fresh meat

One food that treat acid reflux well that not everybody knows is white food. Lean meats, such as chicken heart, turkey, fish and other fresh seafood, are low in fat, which helps reduce manifestations of acid reflux condition. You can make these foods baked, boiled or fried.

  • Fresh Egg

People with reflux disease should eat several egg whites and should reduce (not to eat) egg yolks, because yolks contain several fat that can build up the manifestations of reflux.

  • Unsaturated fat

Both nutrient-rich breads and cereals can “suck”

Reducing the amount of acid in the stomach, helping to reduce heartburn or burning problems. Besides helping reduce the number of surplus acid in the stomach, bread is also a food used by many to relieve the awful symptoms produced by stomach lesions.

  • Bread

Both nutrient-rich breads and grains can “absorb” fewer of the acidity in the stomach, helping to reduce heartburn and burning.

  • Bean

Legumes contain lots of fiber, amino acids work very well and it is also a great answer to the question of what stomach reflux should eat. However, you should note that some types of beans such as soybeans, peas, black beans … contain carbohydrates that can cause flatulence. Before using these beans, you should soak overnight to soften the seeds.

  • Yogurt

Do many people wonder if gastric esophageal reflux can eat yogurt? In fact, yogurt contains beneficial bacteria that have good effects on the digestive tract to help food be digested quickly, improving acid reflux disease. However, you should note that you do not eat when you are hungry.

  • Choose the good milk

People with reflux when drinking milk should choose goat or cow’s milk has been skipped because these amounts are nutritious, easy to enter milk. Be concerned not to drink milk that is too hot or too cold. People who are overweight or have many therapeutic conditions, such as diabetes, should use skim milk products pour in fat and carbohydrates.

  • Turmeric & honey

To treat and prevent acid reflux condition, you can combine daily use of turmeric and honey. Note should take the good honey or genuine turmeric starch to contribute to the strongest effect.

3. Acid reflux diets

  • Foods that have several acid

People with reflux need to escape eating sour berries, comprising oranges, lemons, frogs or mangoes. In addition, stimulating drinks such as ethanol and beer will represent the situation worse.

  • Green papaya

Papaya is rich in papain yeast, which breaks down the protein vessels in meat and softens meat. Therefore, should limit eating papaya green, even cooked should also be reduced.

Acid reflux should eat

Acid Reflux (GERD) Foods To Avoid

  • Spicy foods (salt and pepper with salt and pepper, garlic ..)

Hot peppers like moles and peppers will develop pain sensitivity at the ulcer sites; It also increases gastric juice secretion and dilates esophageal muscle. If you eat, a lot of these spices can increase the symptoms of stomach reflux.

  • Saturated fat

Foods high in saturated fat will make the stomach indigestible and build up the press on the stomach, producing the stomach to become bloated so the digestion time is slower, the food therefore becomes stagnant causing symptoms reflux. To improve reflux, avoid greasy foods, fast food such as fried chicken, chips, pizza, bratwursts, dried goods, sauteed, …

  • Soft drink beer

Alcoholic beverages, carbonated beverages not only cut down the secretion of mucus to keep the lining of the stomach, but also develop the secretion of HCL or pepsin acid, making symptoms of reflux worse.

  • Chocolate

In high-fat chocolate, milk makes the reflux condition worse. Methylxanthine present in chocolate can relax the esophageal muscles causing reflux.

  • Icy food, indigestion, hard dry

Solder foods such as snails, clams, shellfish … or too hard foods are too hard for the stomach to induce food stagnation. To lessen stomach reflux, exported best not to eat these foods.

  • Fermented, raw food

Fermented foods such as spring rolls, pickles, kimchi, stewed tomatoes, … are a group of foods that people with stomach reflux should escape.

The above summarizes the foods should and should not be eaten when acid reflux. In case you need advice and effective treatment, consult a specialist at reputable clinics for the best solution. Through this article, you have given yourself the information you need to know what acid reflux should eat to be effective in caring for the disease.

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