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These drugs treatment acid reflux effective

By | 11/07/2020

1. 5 medicines to cure stomach acid reflux Based on the operation of activity, we divide western medicine for studying gastric acid reflux into the succeeding groups of drugs, but which one to use when you require getting a physician’s instruction, do not use it when not have your condition. 1.1. Antacid antacid group Mechanism: • Neutralize acid… Read More »

Acid reflux of children. How to detect and treatment early?

By | 06/07/2020

1. Acid reflux of children like physical, pathological? Physiological reflux: Children under 6 months of age usually have milk (many times a day) but still have regular activities, gain weight normally, appear not to have recurrent wheezing, etc. physiologic. This situation will steadily reduce over time, not least until the child is over 1 year established. Pathological reflux:… Read More »

What is external hemorrhoids? Causes, symptoms and treatment

By | 01/07/2020

1. What is external hemorrhoids? External hemorrhoids are the reality of venous plexus under the forage (the exterior part, the edge of the anus) being expounded and bent, rising, provided for a thin sheet of skin called hemorrhoids. When looking can feel tiny and thin hemorrhoids veins, overlapping, overlapping in hemorrhoids tufts. External hemorrhoids are not life-threatening, they… Read More »

Does the Hemorrhoids influence sexual intimacy?

By | 30/06/2020

1. Does the Hemorrhoids influence sexual intimacy? Hemorrhoids is a rather common condition, we can see it that the rate of people with hemorrhoids is growing, very high percentage of the population. One matter of hemorrhoids is because of improper sexual behavior that has done you a casualty of hemorrhoids. Besides, when having hemorrhoids, the sex behavior of… Read More »

How to use Salt Water treatment hemorrhoids effective

By | 27/06/2020

Many medical experts and doctors usually advise that: when looking at the early symptoms and observing the disease, seek medical treatment at a prominent hospital or medical facility. Or, even in the immediate stages – hemorrhoids level 1, level 2 hemorrhoids – very mild disease, it can be treated or treated at home by the methods of treating… Read More »

Complications of hemorrhoids, how to cure hemorrhoids and avoid

By | 22/06/2020

1. Complications of hemorrhoids Complications of hemorrhoids that are rare but still possible include: Anemia because of chronic blood loss through hemorrhoids, the body will not have enough red blood cells required to produce oxygen transfer for cells. This situation is rare. Congestion of hemorrhoids if the hemorrhoids prolapse and trapped, leading to the blood vessels that contribute… Read More »

Causes and symptoms of postpartum hemorrhoids

By | 21/06/2020

1. Causes of postpartum hemorrhoids The reason that women are so apt to postpartum hemorrhoids is from the coming principal causes: Having had hemorrhoids before or during pregnancy, after giving origin, did not pay mind to their condition, which made hemorrhoids more likely to develop and cause difficulties such as bleeding, tufts of hemorrhoids tufts hemorrhoids. During maternity… Read More »

Distinguish atopic dermatitis and psoriasis

By | 18/06/2020

Learn common concepts Atopic dermatitis (likewise recognized as atopic eczema) is a chronic form of atopic dermatitis that involves children but may also spread into adulthood, an insignificant amount (about 3%) in adults. The infection is not life-threatening, but it produces the person itchy, tired, and influences every day. Characterized by a red rash or patches of skin… Read More »