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By | 03/11/2020

1. What is the average vertical jump of men and women? 

The high dance is no longer strange to many people, it helps you to train your health better, improve the physical quality that helps prevent many of the special diseases of the subject, which will help you improve your communication in life, you’ll be more confident in communication and in life. The measurement of your height can jump compared to the vertical jump of colleagues who will help you know your location and need to try harder.

2. Vertical jumps can identify or not?

For identifying the height of each person’s vertical jump, it’s difficult to determine the exact numbers of each person, there are many factors that affect the height of each person’s vertical jump, you can’t put everyone in a room and do the vertical dance. 
Before we go into the vertical analysis of each person’s vertical jump, I repeat: “we can’t compare the vertical height of each person when we have not defined the way we have tested them”.

3. How is vertical jump tested?

We have two methods to jump along.

  • Jump from standing position
  • Jump along when you start running

When you ask the height of each person’s vertical jump to ask the method of dancing along the vertical, with the vertical jump method, the vertical jump is usually greater than the vertical. To get excellent results along the standing position requires you to be hard practice, the opposite of beginners dance along when you run.  
For more information on how to measure your vertical jump at home, you can see the post at this…… to learn more about the tests and devices that jump along you can see at this…..

4. You should compare the vertical height with whom?

When comparing vertical jumps you need to be attentive because of the vertical height the many factors. Men and women have a different vertical height that is significantly different, men have the strength and ability to turn on better jumps because they have a better mass and a healthier skeleton system.

Age is also a weakness for the possibility of jumping. When you’re old, your muscles are no longer healthy, we can reduce your bones. So your jump at 40 is lower than when you’re 30, our best jump is at 20, so the average time is the best for the ability to enable dance. However, there are many people who have grown fast after that, which is the best time for them to practice. 
Depending on the sport, you play the average vertical. There are sports that require your high – jump ability and: basketball, volleyball, football, the athletes of this subject have higher scores than high – skill athletes. 

Average Vertical Jump

Jump Higher

5. The trick to getting better results.

High jump measurements are a very important score to assess the capacity of athletes. To have an excellent result, it’s beyond working hard to exercise, athletes need to train some skills like a shrug, rotate hips, reach out to help them improve their vertical dance height. 
However, there will be several general rules in organizations that have to follow when taking part in testing, which will help the results of the evaluation to be accurate and aim.

6. Jumping average vertical for men and women.

Here’s the height survey on the average vertical level of men and women, which has been surveyed on many people. You’ll see that men’s vertical jumps are always higher than women’s 4 – 5inch. Men’s average jump from about 16 to 20 inches, women’ s average jump from 12 to 16 inches. 
Based on this data table you’ll see your location, it’ll be great if you’re in an excellent position, I’m sure many people are in this position and learning to get to the best position.

Men Women
Very poor 8 inches & below 4 inches & below
Poor 8 to 12 inches 4 to 8 inches
Below average 12 to 16 inches 8 to 12 inches
Average 16 to 20 inches 12 to 16 inches
Above average 20 to 24 inches 16 to 20 inches
Very good 24 to 28 inches 20 to 24 inches
Excellent more than 28 inches more than 24 inches

7. Jump average vertical at age.

As I’ve analyzed above, the age of influence affects our ability to jump vertically. The longer the age increases, the slower the jump is. When comparing the vertical height of each of us needs to pay attention to their age, it will not be fair if you compare the vertical height of a 20 – year – old person with a 40 – year – old person. 
Here’s the height of the vertical jump statistics table across the average age. You can follow this table to assess yourself or anyone. However, there are exceptions, they don’t practice when they’re young; they train at a larger time, which will affect their results.

Age Vertical
20 to 29 years old 20 inches
30 to 39 years old 17 inches
40 to 49 years old 14 inches
50 to 59 years old 11 inches

8. For basketball players.

Basketball players can jump along very well, basketball players at NCAA university can jump from 27 – 30inch to theirs. 
They recorded the best dancers in the NBA, they could jump over 40 inches easily. Michael Jordan can jump up to 46 inches. 
According to the recorded levels, the NBA’s highest jumper was DJ Stephens in 2013 with 46 inches. 
In 2014, according to statistics, there were six players who passed 40 inches vertically, while 29 players were recorded from 35 to 40 inches.

Average Vertical Jump For basketball players.

9. For soccer players

As well as basketball players, football players have also had the height of dance. According to the NFL’s stop draft results, there were several players made from 42 to 46 inches vertically. 
Gerald Sensabaugh still has the best jump on the NFL draft combine in 46 inches.
Football players from NCAA division 1 they have a height jump across the average of 29 to 31 inches, which shows the players who have been able to dance as well as the basketball player.

10. Conclusion.

The height of the vertical jump will evaluate the ability of each individual, to determine the height of your vertical jump to determine the right time, the object you want to compare, you’ll need a lot of effort if you want to compare with professional athletes. 
Here are the details of the height of the vertical jump I want to share with you, and wish you will cross your limits. 

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