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Best Vertical Jump Program – Jumping Higher in 2020

When you’re interested in vertical jump, you’re going to find a lot of ways to help yourself increase the height of the vertical jump, there are times when you’re stuck: ” how to increase the height of the vertical jump best”. As a professional athlete, they always exercise regularly to improve their vertical dance, training to bring efficiency that not everyone can achieve, because you may be doing the wrong thing. 

There are many ways to develop your vertical jump height, but picking up the most out of each person’s vertical jump height is an another story. I have looked at it, there are many people they work for many years but their vertical dance height has increased a little. So welling advance our vertical jumping height, we need to get the programs of prosperous people, pro athletes. That will keep you a lot of your practice time.

I will propose to you 2 vertical dance height improvement programs that I think the best below, so you can accept the right one and it do not waste a lot of your training time.

1. Best vertical dance program

Here are 2 programs that I see are the best and are accepted by many people. The reason for these 2 programs is that I think you will have other desires and methods of training, but overall these 2 programs give you the best results. You can choose a program that suitable with the time and devices you need.

The Jump Manual Vert Shock System
Weights + Plyometrics Plyometrics (No Weights Needed)
12 week program 8 week program
Adds 10 inches or more to vertical Gains of 9 to 16 inches in vertical jump
$1 for 21 days to test. Free if you’re not satisfied Workouts are under 1 hour
Can use weights (recommended) or no weights No weight lifting/gym equipment needed
All-around training program Uses advanced plyometrics
Combines strength training, plyometrics and stretching
Includes nutrition program
View The Jump Manual View The Vert Shock Program
  • The Jump Manual

This is the program I felt the best program that I would suggest to you. Jacob Miller established the program. This is the most extensive training program for you to carry out most of your vertical jump height.

The program is scientifically set up when it singles out the essential factors that change your vertical jump height, then points out how high your jump affects your height. You will need to focus on the most crucial factor that influences your vertical jump height.

The Jump Manual

The next necessary thing for a sports practitioner is that the nutritional factor will help you establish good muscles, which will help you develop your jumping abilities. In addition, time is also a great determinant of your training results, appropriate training time will help you gain energy quickly, avoiding injuries during training.

You will easily be appealed to his practice method but you should not overlook the above, take time to read through these before starting the training process, it will serve you get results so better. Remember that “training injuries will take you a lot of time to get back, so don’t waste time on injuries”.

It covers the Jump Manual exercises into the fitness and agility development skills. These will make you get a few inches of gain in no time.

Check out the review of The Jump Manual here.

  • Vert shock system 

Although I’m the one who loves jump programs on many evaluation standard , I think there’s going to be more suitable programs for you. Unlike jump, it’s 12 weeks, and Shock Vert’s going to take a while to get to 8 weeks. This may be the feature you’re hoping to shorten your time, so shock is going to be very appropriate for those who are preparing for the good height competitions. 

You need not use dump – bell in training, instead, you use plyometrics, which the NBA players and other experts use. 

Your vertical jump will be significantly improved around 9 – 15inch vertically. This requires that you adhere to the program. 

The vert shock program developed by Adem folker, he had years of experience in basketball competitions.

To see in-depth reviews please visit here.

Vert shock system 

2. What vertical jump program you should choose?

When you select a vertical jump program, you need to care more about the trainees, they need to be experienced in the vertical jump. As I’ve introduced to you two dancing programs, they’re all experienced for long – term experience, they’ll certainly help you get good results. 
You need to be mindful of your training conditions, time, and results to select the appropriate program.

  • The methods they use to train

+ Fitness: This is how it works to improve your muscles, around squats, jumping. This way will help you jump higher.

+ Jump a lot: if you’re a long-term training and you’ve ever learned about dancing programs, you’ll see this as an old method. You’re going to jump on the jump daily, you’ll jump on a numbers of hunderous, thousands of times a day. This is very vulnerable, but it is also consistent with some people. I don’t encourage you to do this. 

+ Plyometrics: this is a more modern way of doing it, you’ll be able to maximize your leg jump, you’ll use the focus to turn on jumping and not losing much energy. This is a method that many basketball players use. 

+ Combining methods: combining training methods will help you maximize your ability, you will need more energy to exercise well, which means you need to pay attention to your diet. 

  • How long should the training program be?

Programs that persist from 4 weeks to 6 months, choose the program for your goals without interruption, the interruption of the program reduces your ability to progress, if you interrupt a long time, you may need to practice again. A program will last between two months and three months. 

3. Conclusion 
When choosing a Jump vertical training program, it must suit you (Conditions, time, your ability… ). I strongly encourage you to choose one of the two programs, because two programs on the instructions are scientifical, you will understand the details of what you do. 
You should remember, nutrition is an important factor in training, you should not choose the nutrition in your mind, and you should consult the coaches. Finally, hard work and scientific practice will always give you the best results. 


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