Causes and symptoms of postpartum hemorrhoids

1. Causes of postpartum hemorrhoids

The reason that women are so apt to postpartum hemorrhoids is from the coming principal causes:

  • Having had hemorrhoids before or during pregnancy, after giving origin, did not pay mind to their condition, which made hemorrhoids more likely to develop and cause difficulties such as bleeding, tufts of hemorrhoids tufts hemorrhoids.
  • During maternity and labor, the pushing of labor does not right way, which increases the pressure on the abdomen the pelvic area (lower part of the pelvis), making the hemorrhoids more apt to say out.
  • After women give birth, women use original diets, some diets are not suitable, such as eating less fresh vegetables, or consuming less water … will do to make hemorrhoids worse.
  • In the last few months of pregnancy, the fetus may also lead to compression and will obstruct the way back of the veins leading to the hemorrhoids to rise, which is the source of postpartum hemorrhoids.
  • Frequent postpartum constipation is at the compromise of hemorrhoids. When the hemorrhoids grow up high, they will slip outside the anus, often called internal hemorrhoids.
  • Sitting or standing too much or less moving and being active are also causes of hemorrhoids.
  • Women with recurrent bronchitis or bronchiectasis or heavy labor … will increase the pressure in the gut which makes the risk of hemorrhoids higher.

An unsuitable diet after birth leads to hemorrhoids.

  • In women during pregnancy and postpartum, there is an increased risk of clotting. Therefore, in rich and postpartum women, problems of tufts of hemorrhoids tufts occur.

Causes of postpartum hemorrhoids

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2. Recognizable signs of postpartum hemorrhoids

Signs of hemorrhoids include:

  • Bloody bowel movement

At the coming out, blood comes out in slight amounts, and the frequency of spotting is sparse. We can only detect bleeding anus when we look at used toilet paper or see blood in the stool.

In later stages, the bleeding in the anus takes place in the worse way. Bleeding increases and with growing amounts of blood. When each time to defecation, sufferers with hemorrhoids can feel blood flow very simply.

Sometimes, the blood from the hemorrhoids will bleed and can lead to blood clots in the rectum’s lumen which show a bloody stool.

  • Sa piles of hemorrhoids

Depending on the level of hemorrhoids, patients will also have other clinical symptoms. When hemorrhoids are soft (about level 1 or level 2), they will not cause many complications or obstructions in everyday life. But for piles of hemorrhoids that have started at or above grade 3, the patient will feel hard and resentful when defecating or when needing to move a lot, doing hard work.

  • Anal itching

When signs of hemorrhoids appear, the anus becomes itchy and nervous. It makes us lack courage when we talk outside.

  • Anal swelling

This is a simple term in patients with postpartum hemorrhoids. This symptom appears when the embolism of external hemorrhoids or blockages of internal hemorrhoids becomes clogged causing a blockage. Manifestations are one or more swollen, anal-like masses around the anus that make it impossible for the patient to sit, walk, or function. The patient described the degree of pain of occlusive hemorrhoids or localized hemorrhoids more than that of labor. This condition makes the patient very uncomfortable. Hemorrhoid embolism is common in pregnant and postpartum women because of factors favorable for hemorrhoids to worsen and hypercoagulation.

Recognizable signs of postpartum hemorrhoids

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Symptoms of hemorrhoids or other comorbidities

Anal pain with constipation and bloody stools or sticky tissue in case of patients with anal fissure.

In addition, people with hemorrhoids will have more small manifestations such as mucus discharge at the anus and other pathological symptoms such as inflammation of the rectum or possibly perioral dermatitis …


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