Changing lifestyle help you treat psoriasis

  • Get vitamin D from food

Consuming foods rich in vitamin D will reduce inflammation throughout the body. With the combination of UV rays from the sun, vitamin D can reduce discomfort and prevent the development of psoriatic plaques.

Foods rich in vitamin D include milk, juice, salmon, tuna, egg yolks or cheese…

Get vitamin D from food

  • Reduce stress

Stress is a factor that increases the risk of psoriasis. It may be that psoriasis has been available and inactive in your body for many years, but when you’re stressed, your placenta is weak, your immune system is weak and will trigger the onset of psoriasis. Keep yourself strong and have a positive attitude about your situation. Please believe that if well-controlled, there is no chance of a relapse. You can do some meditation or yoga exercises to reduce stress.

Reduce stress

  • Avoid alcoholic beverages

Alcoholic beverages like alcohol and beer can cause psoriasis to trigger in many people. Therefore, you should avoid these drinks. If you do get sick, you should absolutely avoid using alcohol or beer. That helps to make the symptoms worse.

Avoid alcoholic beverages

  • No smoking (avoid passive smoking)

Smoking can increase the risk of psoriasis, aggravating its symptoms, including those who are passive smokers. Therefore, if a family member has psoriasis, smoking members should give up this bad habit.Avoid using perfumes and non-sensitive cosmetic products on sensitive skin
Most cosmetics and perfumes contain fragrance and many chemicals that irritate the skin. These chemicals are the cause of psoriasis flares. Therefore, people with psoriasis should carefully read the product information and only use products that are specifically for sensitive skin.

No smoking (avoid passive smoking)

  • Sunbathing

For people with psoriasis, sunbathing in consultation with a specialist can produce positive results. The ultraviolet rays of the sun can help slow down the growth of skin cells that are triggered by psoriasis. This treatment requires regular, regular, and obeying your doctor’s instructions.

Keep in mind, however, that overexposure to the sun can cause psoriasis or worsen symptoms. Therefore, when outdoors, you should cover carefully.


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  • Keep skin moist

If you have psoriasis, you should keep your skin moisturized by using moisturizers for sensitive skin and use a humidifier to prevent dry skin. Skin with adequate moisture will help prevent plaque from forming, effectively reducing flaking.

Applying olive oil to the skin can also be very helpful for people with this skin condition. Also, if you have scalp psoriasis, try rubbing your hair roots with a few tablespoons of olive oil to help reduce scalp irritation.


  • Moisturizing right after a shower is of great benefit to psoriasis patients.
  • Home remedies for psoriasis treatments should only be used for mild cases. However, before applying home remedies for psoriasis, you should talk to your doctor about your specific condition for specific instructions.

Psoriasis is a disease that needs long-term treatment and follows a proper route, besides using medicinal products, you also need to pay attention to your daily activities such as eating, hygiene. Individuals need to be ensured according to the doctor’s instructions so they can ensure cured psoriasis completely. You can refer to the route guide below. In our opinion, this is a reasonable route for any patient and has been successfully applied by many people and certainly does not exclude you.

In my opinion, psoriasis analysis is not a difficult disease to treat but it requires perseverance and proper cure. I hope you get rid of psoriasis soon.


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