What is the difference between psoriasis and Eczema

1. Same:

-All derived from the decline of the body’s immune system.

-Skin disease with the burning skin condition, itching, redness.

-The disease does not have the treatment method completely.

2. Different:

A. About the causes of disease and risk factors

With psoriatic: it is due to leukemia cells – T cells mistakenly attack the patient’s skin, increase the production of skin cells, shorten the lifetime of skin cells, cause them to die and move too fast to the surface, which causes the accumulation of cells that have an overlapping external spatula that causes psoriatic disease. Also, due to the factors such as genetics; Tobacco smoking; Drinking alcohol; Infection; Use of the drug; Skin injuries; Sunburn;

 –With eczema: genetic factors are also referred to by the side: chemical contact, dirty water source; Food, cosmetics irritated skin; Nervous tension; Dry environment, pollution…

B. About characteristic symptoms

With psoriasis: characteristic symptoms are: burning skin, accompanied by white scales on the surface; Itching, burning pain, even cracking and bleeding; The nails can turn the color to opaque or yellowish-white, on the nail with a small pitted polka dots.

Also with eczema: red skin, to brown accompanied by inflammation of ulcers, discharge leakage; Constant itching, itching at the end of discomfort and much itching at night.

difference between psoriasis and Eczema

C. About the location of the disease

With psoriasis: the lesions can appear throughout the body but concentrate on several positions such as the scalp, hands, feet, elbows, knees, skin wrinkles such as the buttocks, armpits, under the breast, posterior; On the face, genitals

With Eczema: the disease can appear full-body but concentrated several places such as elbows, knees, hands, ankles, face and chest, the skin around the eyes…

On the subject:

-People with psoriasis are usually adults between 15 – 40 years old.

-Eczema usually appears mainly in newborns and young children.


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