Does the Hemorrhoids influence sexual intimacy?

1. Does the Hemorrhoids influence sexual intimacy?

Hemorrhoids is a rather common condition, we can see it that the rate of people with hemorrhoids is growing, very high percentage of the population.

One matter of hemorrhoids is because of improper sexual behavior that has done you a casualty of hemorrhoids. Besides, when having hemorrhoids, the sex behavior of the subject is more or less affected.

So hemorrhoids affect the sex of humans, let us explore those effects in the content below.

2. Can a person with hemorrhoids have sex?

In fact, people with hemorrhoids can even have normal sex, because hemorrhoids is a condition in the anus that does not affect the genitalia of human.

However, when having sex, people with hemorrhoids also need to limit the posture is not as anal.

The posture of sex is not very high so that the anus does not have to be under much press.

The two should coordinate gentle contact, choose the posture. It will be better for patients with hemorrhoids.

Does the Hemorrhoids influence sexual intimacy?

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3. How does hemorrhoids affect sex?

Sexual intimacy is the physiological demands of every creature being, which is considered as the invisible line connecting.

For couples, having sex is the fire that holds affection, to get closer to each other.

Sex story is not an article of day one, day two but the requirement of a period, throughout the entire life.

If one of the two people has hemorrhoids, they will cause unnecessary sexual troubles such as

Reduce excitement during sex: Characters with hemorrhoids when having sex are painful when the condition is severe. The tufts of hemorrhoids prolapse out of the anus.

When sex, the subject will suffer a lot of pain, the pain of injury reduces the emotion or can lose interest in sex.

This condition lasts for a long time, it will make people with hemorrhoids become apathetic, no longer have the sense that sexual activity is their own need.

Affected psychology: People with hemorrhoids are afraid, lack of trust, because it is a private condition, so they are afraid of having sex because they are afraid of the enemy finding out.

Especially women, who are very afraid of sex, now are even more timid when they suffer from hemorrhoids.

People themselves hemorrhoids when the tufts of hemorrhoids often secrete the fluid, water is to cause infection, smell.

Can a person with hemorrhoids have sex?

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So they will lack confidence when doing things in connection with their private, sensitive areas, not letting the psychology be comfortable, making the sex also become less favorable.

When two people are getting sex during the climax stage, the muscles must work, such as the hip, abdominal, backward.

These activities are related, affecting the circulation, blood circulation in the posterior and anal areas.

Patients with hemorrhoids are likely to get worse again because blood vessels are at risk of clogging tension and getting worse.

Besides, including sex is indeed more likely to lead to pain:

Because the vaginal flow of the woman plus the man’s semen will flow down the anus.

Sometimes unhygienic makes the infection worse and smells more.

It does not make the spirit of orgasm: Because it affects medicine, limiting the postures, and not having strong relationships …

All passed the intercourse incomplete. The subject himself does not have orgasms, but the enemy is still affected by us.

When the relation is not satisfied, thus of course the relation of man and wife, marital happiness is also threatened.

When man or wife does not solve his demands, there will be differences with the other man.

The person who is sick often tries to find a treatment without caring about the feelings of the other person.

Over time, sex is no longer in the interest of both, everybody avoids and goodwill is not intact.

So see how external hemorrhoids affect the marriage, to overcome, or to not have to fall into these arguments.

People with hemorrhoids need to seek hospitalization for their condition as possible.

Currently, there are many ways to treat hemorrhoids and without recurrence.

From Western medication, Eastern medicine or group methods all assemble at night to give the best ends for patients.

So you can be assured, reduce the load somewhat yourself, but focus on the issue of your sex and the adversary.

Or you can regain your spirit by cleaning up before sex, creating unknown things for your partner.

Do not force yourself, creating discomfort for both. Then back to a standstill.

Limiting the moment you spend with your vagina, you can choose to satisfy your partner’s needs by oral sex (oral sex).

This method is both safe and helps you avoid contamination while ensuring the physiological needs of yourself and your partner.

However, these are just temporary ways that we share with you, not in the long run.

To ensure the best for yourself, you should still focus on management as possible.

Above are the implements of hemorrhoids on sex. No one wishes to be a victim of this disorder.

But nothing said all, nor was it the case of sickness.

The best way to not be difficult, thus right now you need to build a scientific behavior.

Do not let yourself get caught before you seek a method, thus you will get many unnecessary disadvantages.


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