What is Guttate Psoriasis? How to cure and treatment

Guttate psoriasis is a condition where the red spots produced by psoriasis lesions cause. The disease can develop in many places such as arms, legs, back, chest, … causing a very uncomfortable feeling for the patient. Treatment is very long and complex to finish.

Drops of psoriasis do not develop from person to person but have genetic factors. If the patient is not dealt with promptly, psoriasis will increase too many other places involving life. From there, the person will feel insecure when connecting with people around them.

1. Symptoms of guttate psoriasis

There are many signs of guttate psoriasis that people should pay attention to such as

  • On the skin, there are many psoriasis scales with sizes of 1mm – 10mm, pink, and silver.
  • Psoriasis nodules in the form of water droplets.
  • The patient will feel itchy, uncomfortable.
  • More severe is the appearance of white pus that makes very thick white scales.

What is guttate psoriasis

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2. Cause of guttate psoriasis

A genetic predisposition may cause drops of psoriasis because the body has an immune disorder. In addition, there are many other causes such as

  • Psoriasis skin areas are withdrawn, broken, and damaged immune processes.
  • Psychological stress.
  • Excessive use of Western medicine causes side effects that can disturb the skin.
  • Respiratory infections make the development of psoriasis in the form of beads.
  • In addition, there are other causes that people can get to reduce, treat guttate psoriasis in time.

3. How to cure droplet psoriasis

With the development of Medicine, doctors have had many methods to cure guttate psoriasis. Here are some methods that patients can connect to:

  • Using medicine

Medicines in the form of topical creams used by many patients are very common. These topical agents have anti-inflammatory, inhibiting cells, limiting the penetration of bacteria to the skin. Some common topical medications include:

  • Cortisone cream
  • Prescription drugs containing vitamin A or vitamin D.

For a thorough treatment, rooted guttate psoriasis patients need to accept the instructions of the doctor to be guaranteed treatment and produce the best effect.

Treatment of guttate psoriasis besides we should also note the use of the drug should also.

  • Build a healthy diet full of nutrients.
  • Limit exposure of psoriasis areas to chemicals.
  • Frequent exposure to the sun.
  • Limit the use of alcohol, …
  • Use the correct medication as given by the doctor.

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