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These drugs treatment acid reflux effective

By | 11/07/2020

1. 5 medicines to cure stomach acid reflux Based on the operation of activity, we divide western medicine for studying gastric acid reflux into the succeeding groups of drugs, but which one to use when you require getting a physician’s instruction, do not use it when not have your condition. 1.1. Antacid antacid group Mechanism: • Neutralize acid… Read More »

Acid reflux of children. How to detect and treatment early?

By | 06/07/2020

1. Acid reflux of children like physical, pathological? Physiological reflux: Children under 6 months of age usually have milk (many times a day) but still have regular activities, gain weight normally, appear not to have recurrent wheezing, etc. physiologic. This situation will steadily reduce over time, not least until the child is over 1 year established. Pathological reflux:… Read More »

What is reflux esophagitis A, B, C, D, M? Is esophagitis dangerous?

By | 25/05/2020

What is esophagitis? In the esophagus (the position from the throat to the stomach) there is a thin lining that transports food into the body, which plays a very important role in the digestive operation. When the mucosa is infected, the ulcer starts to gastroesophageal reflux, digestive system diseases, and even esophagitis. It divides the disease into unique… Read More »