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If you’re the one who’s going to jump vertical, you’ll be curious about the people who have jumped high in the NBA. They’re all the ones with the jump on the highlight that we are all amazed. 

The names that you might have heard like Michael Jordan, Zach Lavina, LeBrom James, or DJ Stephens and Kenny Gregory, whose name is always leading the list. But there’s never been a contest organized for the highest jumping to compete, so there’s a lot of athletes you won’t know. 

Here are the athletes who have outstanding achievements through the NBA, they have been loved on tv screens, they have become the idol of many people and their vertical jump is also the goal of many people. I believe you will be motivated to achieve achievements like them. 

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Who’s the one with the highest jump in NBA history? 

  1. Wilt Chamberlain 48” 

Wilt Chamberlain, you’ve ruled the first place for years, you’re the one with the highest jump in the NBA and the first one to score 100 points in a game. With the possibility of jumping 48”, many people think it’s hard to get that way, but Wilt Chamberlain changed everyone’s mind. 

In addition to the good jump, you are an excellent runner on the 100yard road in 10, 9s. Could say Wilt Chamberlain was a full-blown athlete when he won 3 consecutive years at the big eight conferences in NCAA. 

You can go youtube to search for wilt chamberlain, i’ m sure you’ll be surprised what he’s been through. 

Wilt Chamberlain

Jump Higher

  1. Michael Jordan 46” 

Michael Jordan is also the name of a lot of the NBA’s history, people know about the possibility of flying high when it comes to people who think he is like a bird flying in the sky. Michael Jordan created a revolutionary sports revolution like Julius Erving did many years ago. You used to take the NBA championship in Chicago with many MVP awards and slam dunk competitions. Now, when it comes to you, people think of the most prized pitcher of all time. 

His performance was 46” when he made a high jump from the post – listed post – list of North Carolina university, where they were widely tested. 

When there is no running, his vertical jump is 36”. When the running step begins, the vertical height of the jump can be achieved as 46” 


  1. Zach Lavine 

Zach Lavine was an American basketball player in us., ha was born in 1995, with 1. 98m height. I was known as the Chicago bulls’ professional basketball player in 2014. By 2015 you were the winner of the NBA slam dunk with the highest record of 6′ 5”. 

When I saw Zach Lavine, they thought you were surfing the air, you had a long time hanging at 46” heights. 

Zach Lavine 

  1. Spud Webb – 46” 

Spud Webb is a player in basketball for a long time, now he’s retired. You own a modest 1.7 – foot height compared to other players, weighing at 60kilo, but not for that reason, but the ability to turn on your jump is reduced. You made a lot of surprises to win the NBA’s Slam Dunk contest at 46” heights in 1986, you put your name in the NBA history. 

At the end of the basket, he had won a brilliant release when beating the legendary Dominique Wilkins (2. 03meters high) at the reunion arena. People were stunned when you turned high on 1, 16m to dunk. With the difficult circumstances of Webb’s basket, the judges scored 50 points at max). 

Spud Webb

  1. David Thompson

Owning 1m93′ s high, born in 1954, he was a pioneer for the slam dunk movement along with dr. Julius Erving made the game interesting when he joined and combined with hunting dogs acrobatics that nobody saw in the 1970s. 

So far, David Thompson with Carmelo Anthony is still one of the proudest names Denver Nuggets ever knew. 

Nuggets star nuggets scored 73 points in the last season of 1977 – 1978, but still not enough to help the winning team of Detroit Pistons. The last, Nuggets still suffer from 137 – 139. What’s worth saying is that Thompson scored a respectable number when you took a vertical jump to a famous NBA defense opponent that was in the right place. 

  1. Andrew Wiggs 

Andrew Wiggs was known as a young athlete, he was born in 1995, a Canadian basketball player for the golden state warriors. 

He’s been criticized as at the wolves, but Andrew Wiggs is changing himself to become the perfect piece of SF for Warriors. Possession of an impressive image when you have a 2.03m height and a long-distance performed 44inch in some Slam Dunk games. 

Andrew Wiggs’ s achievements were then noted by many journalists and widely disseminated across the national web. You became a picture of the audience in 2014, and you were athletes in the NBA. 

Andrew Wiggs 

  1. LeBron James

Lebron James is a professional basketball player in America, he’s playing for a club in Los Angeles lakers. You’re a very good man, 2.03m in the NBA, people like you like a monster when you make a high jump. 

Since high school, Lebron James has been welcome from clubs. He was known for the dramatic jumps, so he joined the NBA in high school 

Lebron James is a full-fledged player, in the contests that he’s always shown superior skills. Although at the middle of the middle ages, you’re still doing the exact same thing from outside three points. The height of the high jump he’s done is 44inch. There’s one thing that we’ve never seen in the NBA Slam Dunk. 

LeBron James

  1. Nate Robinson 43. 5” 

As a 1984 player and a 1.75m height, Nate Robinson was modest compared to other basketball players. But this doesn’t affect his ability to jump. Nate Robinson is still known as the person with the best ability to put the basket back in 2005, he was chosen at 21st in the NBA. Nate Robinson used to compete for 10 years in the NBA, but he didn’t compete in the NBA. 

Nate Robinson is a very well-trained person, he’s always aware of his strength training and endurance. This can be seen in his silhouette in fastness and agility. 

  1. Vince Carter 

It’s a very high – age person when he’s just finished your career in 2020. Vince Carter was born in 1977, and now he’s the ESPN basketball analyst, he’s always been a great idol for all time. 

Vince Carter left an impression on the audience when he made 360 – degree jumps and jumped between his legs. Vince Carter also made a lot of acrobatics that many people have to wonder about. 

Vince Carter’s highest achievement is 43”, even in many matches, even more than that number. At the NBA slam dunk, he only wins one time, it may be the only time he’s joined. 

Vince Carter ended his career with an average of 16.7 points, 4. 3 rebounds, 3.1 tectonic plates after 22 seasons, and competed for a total of 1,541 games in positions forerunner and defenders score.

Vince Carter 

  1. Derrick Rose 

Derrick Rose was born in 1988, he’s the Detroit pistons’ professional basketball player. The first time he started his career was when he played the color of the Chicago bulls jersey. 

At 25 years old, Derrick Rose’ s boom period when he repeatedly carried out a 40 – inch jump, he had a special ability to carry out the ball and fast jump. Derrick Rose is a defensive defender, which requires perfect focus. 

Unfortunately, you have had some injuries over the years, so there’s a lot of people who think his degree has fallen. According to some information, his health is recovering well. 

Hoping he’ll be back with the power so we can watch Derrick Rose’s great performance. 

Derrick Rose

Here are 10 of the players that leave the most impressions in the NBA. There will be many bridges that are not on this list but the important thing is to look at the achievements of players to strive. 

There is a common feature of professional basketball players that they have serious training and discipline, which helps them succeed. If you’re a basketball enthusiast, you’re passionate about jump along, you want to improve your vertical jump height like basketball players, then I suggest you get yourself a best practice plan right now. All results must be paid in time and energy, you’ll see that this is great when you’re improving your vertical jump height. 

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If you have any questions about vertical jumping, leave a message to me, I’ ll answer you the earliest. 

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