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How long does it take to get rid of acid reflux? and how to handle

1. How long does it take to get rid of acid reflux?

Reflux causes to take chest aching, persistent cough, restlessness. acid reflux symptoms can go on making life altered. So how long will this condition get better? And how does the condition develop?

Depending on the condition and harshness of this condition, there will be treatment measures at a certain time. We can divide acid reflux disease into the following levels.

Acid reflux level 1 – Mild

This is a mild degree, so the symptoms are not clear. However, if you pay regard, you may feel some symptoms such as belching, indigestion, and throat troubles. We can treat people with this reflux at home by changing their diet and routine. If you abstain from abstinence well, the disease will recover in a brief time.

Level 2 – Medium

People with reflux at this stage may feel symptoms of indigestion and a sore throat that appear. Occasionally heartburn, vomit, and small stomach ulcers appear.

At this stage, the patient should see a doctor for effective management. Besides, during the analysis process, you can abstain by yourself so that the disease will recover faster. Usually, if treated, within just a few months will reduce symptoms and improve.

Level 3 – Serious

At this stage, it is difficult to establish how long stomach reflux will last. Patients will feel a dull shock, small stomach ulcers appear. To prevent the infection from getting worse, the patient should use the drug method as directed by the doctor. At this stage, you need maintenance treatment from 2 to 3 months even longer, it will relieve the disease.

Level 4 – Persistent lingering condition

For people who are in a state of persistent gastric, reflux can not be broken in the analysis. Because velocity is unsuccessful! This condition accounts for up to 50% of people with reflux.

Medical professionals often recommend antacids to prevent heartburn symptoms. Changing the routine and accepting the management procedure will also help the disease recover faster.

How to handle stomach reflux fastest

Heartburn No More – Home remedies for acid reflux

2. How to handle acid reflux fastest

Many people will argue that the quickest approach to treat it is to take drugs as directed by the doctor. Severe cases often require omeprazole injection to inhibit the proton pump. If worse, it will require surgery.

However, it is a way to help you cure the condition in the brief term. Antibiotics will harm your condition. To treat reflux fastest, follow your doctor’s instructions. Besides, you can refer to some simple home remedies below.

Using ginger tea prevents acid reflux

Hot ginger is considered an elixir for people with stomach reflux. Ginger is rich in Oleoresin, which can help prevent acid reflux and prevent vomiting.

Use fresh ginger to make tea. You will no longer feel nausea or discomfort because of acid reflux. The method is very simple, fresh ginger peeled, crushed or sliced ​​, and then boiled with 200ml of water. You should use it when still warm and add 1 teaspoon of honey to increase efficiency.

Treat acid reflux with aloe vera

Many experimental types of research have proven that aloe vera contains Clackmannan – a good fiber for patients with digestive diseases. In extension, the vitamins and gel nutrients in aloe vera will neutralize gastric juices to help prevent oxidation and heal and regenerate esophageal lesions.

You can use aloe vera meats served with yogurt to increase the settling effect. In addition, you can blend aloe vera smoothie which is also a good drink for the stomach and gives you a smooth shave. Pink light sheet.

Want to recover from acid reflux?

Gastric acid reflux is not serious and life-warning, but if the patient is not treated, the condition can be severe. So if you want to recover, you need to change your healthy eating and living manners.

Besides, it is necessary to follow the practice procedure and regular check-ups to understand what you need. In extension, the term to treat acid reflux disease will be faster if you take the following steps.

We should do to recover?

  • Changing your consumption patterns is the first point you need to do in the repair process. Scientific diet, eat foods like yogurt, soft foods, and fresh fruits.
  • Sleep with cushions to prevent acid from backing up into the esophagus.
  • You may not know. Wearing too tight, tight clothes also put pressure on the stomach causing food to rise.
  • Strengthening health through exercise is a must during practice.

Want to get rid of acid reflux should avoid what

  • If you want to get rid of stomach acid, avoid stimulants like alcohol, beer, and smokes.
  • Limit eating fast meals, hot spicy meals, and foods that are too sweet or too sour.
  • Don’t starve or eat too much to avoid adapting to your body.
  • Avoid negative thoughts that cause stress, stress for yourself also makes the stomach reflux.


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