How to use Salt Water treatment hemorrhoids effective

Many medical experts and doctors usually advise that: when looking at the early symptoms and observing the disease, seek medical treatment at a prominent hospital or medical facility.

Or, even in the immediate stages – hemorrhoids level 1, level 2 hemorrhoids – very mild disease, it can be treated or treated at home by the methods of treating hemorrhoids folk father passed on.

Besides the formulas for treating hemorrhoids with simple leaves, lettuce or leafy plants, fresh papaya … the brine method is also an attractive and useful way.

So what is the exact effect of brine treatment for hemorrhoids? How accurate soak between water and salt? These questions will be dealt with by our article below, seen, specific, revealed.

salt water treatment hemorrhoids

1. Benefits of Salt Water in treatment hemorrhoids

One of the common symptoms of domestic and external hemorrhoids is that every time you have a bowel movement, the person has pain in the anus and feels very difficult.

Is it a great obsession with patients, which leads to the psychology of fear and affects the quality of their lives? Therefore, they ever want to find practical ways to treat hemorrhoids.

However, because of economic conditions or circumstances do not allow so many people want to treat according to folk remedies at home, both simple and practical success.

One method is to use salt water to soaking the anus. Because not in folk but also medical experts, great doctors also think this is one of the active treatments for hemorrhoids.

Not just is one of the essential spices of the dish, but salt after being diluted brings countless obscure uses. is one of the essential spices of the dish, but salt after being diluted brings countless uses.

For beauty, saltwater can help reduce oily skin, acne … And for health, they are often used to treat sore throat, sinusitis, tonsillitis, root bleeding …

In specific, with antibacterial properties, we have revealed that saltwater not only has the above uses but also can treat diseases and. Therefore, with hemorrhoids, it is desirable to use salt water to survive.

According to abdominal-rectal specialists, people with hemorrhoids that use warm saline-soaked in the anus are great, it will bring the coming benefits and effects:

  • Because salt has strong antiseptic properties, soaking the anus in saltwater will reduce inflammation and finally use it. The hemorrhoids will soon relieve pain.
  • Warm saltwater will raise blood flow in the anus, helping the tissues and veins around the hemorrhoids to expand, enhancing the function of the rectum and nerves. At the same time reduce swelling and prolapse hemorrhoids effectively.
  • Soaked in warm saltwater, the anus will have disinfectant properties, eliminate harmful bacteria, invasive wounds are washed, and avoid inflammation. From there, limit the growth and spread of bacteria.
  • Warm salt water can stop suffering in patients with hemorrhoids.
  • Reduces the symptoms of bloating, helps the wound dry, improves, and heals.


Brine in hemorrhoids is only a physical treatment to stop bleeding and ease the pain. Therefore, in order to be effective and successful in treating the root, reversing, and completely eliminating this disease, the patient needs to combine with many other methods.

Hemorrhoids Healing Protocol – Home remedies for hemorrhoids

2. Instructions on how to soaking salt water properly to treatment hemorrhoids

Below are specific plans for the patient to brine in saltwater to cure hemorrhoids.

Materials to make:

– Bathtub with plastic covering (there are many sold outside the West the store, health facility stores …)

– 5 liters of warm water has a heat of 40 – 50 degrees Celsius.

– 50 g of table salt.

How to perform salt water treatment for hemorrhoids:

Step 1:

Pour salt and scorching water into the tub. Stir well to dissolve the salt in the water.

Step 2:

Put the anus in soak for 15-20 minutes or until the water cools and feels better.

We need sitting postures to soak the anus in a submerged state. Can pour salt water into the bath and sit soaked.

After the raw water should use a good towel to dry the anal area, avoid getting wet to make bacteria invade.

In particular, it should be performed 3 times a day after defecating hemorrhoids impressive.

Every time you soak in warm saltwater, the person will feel very soft and relaxed. Therefore, it can be said that treating hemorrhoids by soaking the anus in scorching saltwater is a classic and very efficient method, so it should be applied.

Therefore, the patient should apply often to relieve pain and support the treatment of hemorrhoids and prevent a recurrence.

How to perform salt water treatment for hemorrhoids:

3. Notes when using salt water to treatment hemorrhoids

In treating hemorrhoids with saltwater and to achieve the most efficient, the patient should also pay attention to:

– Soaked in saltwater to treat hemorrhoids must be pure salt, pure salt must not be polluted because if muddy, it will cause inflammation that affects the genitals (located contiguous to the anus).

Not only that, but it will also still make the hemorrhoids worse. women, can suffer from gynecological infections and affect health and life.

– Use clean water and have been boiled before.

– Should soak in the same amount of salt.

Do not use more salt because many people often think the better salt the higher interesting. But not, they only make the subject feel hard anal, only no benefit at all.

– In specific, do not overdo this method because a lot of heated saltwater will make your skin dry and feel awkward. It is strongest to apply 1-2 times daily to be practical.

– If there is not too much time to prepare warm salt water, patients can use physiological salt water, also known as the chemical sodium chloride, prepared at a ratio of 0.9%.

In fact, hot salt brine is a way to help patients with hemorrhoids relieve pain and it aids in the treatment. Therefore, this should not be considered an “excellent” or “basic” method to treat hemorrhoids.

If you see symptoms of hemorrhoids in the previous stages, later the patient should still visit soon to be prescribed appropriate treatment. Do not miss the “golden time” to help cure hemorrhoids completely and easily.


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