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Jump Manual Review – The best high jump training program

If you’re a high – jumper, you’ll certainly find a lot of training programs on your vertical jump. There are a lot of training programs to increase the vertical height of their vertical jump, but most of the programs are not detailed, lack science and finally you can’t improve your vertical jump height. 

Unlike other programs, the jump manual is known as a scientific training program, detailed instructions can improve your vertical jump in 12 weeks. I read the jump manual program, I’m pretty surprised at what the author sent to the reader. Unlike other programs, you’ll be instructed to detail the same as a beginner 

There are a lot of writing programs that aim to sell products, like jump shoes, rubber circles, and they are necessary devices, but it’s not a factor that determines your vertical jump. If you understand your vertical height is determined by what factors you will know how to improve it. 

And I want to introduce you to the jump manual program because as far as I’m concerned, this is the best high – jumper program I’ve ever known. I’m going to help you understand more details about it in this article, which is certainly good for you. 

He Is use Jump Manual

Jump Higher

1. Jump manual in 12 weeks. 

The height of its vertical jump is not an easy problem. You’ll need time to train to improve it gradually, step by step. The average time to improve the vertical jump is 3 months, which is the right time for you to exercise properly. 

Unlike the other programs I’ve been told, the jump manual will guide you in detail, you’ll be trained from simple gestures, then exercises enhance the complexity. You might think that your height is low so you won’t be able to turn on a good jump, but it’s not exactly 100%, the ability to turn on your companion depends on your legs, so if you train your legs properly, you’ll be easy to improve. 

In the 12 – week training of the jump manual requires that persistence and determination, if training is interrupted, a lot will affect the result. The author encourages you to be serious for 12 weeks to get the best results. After 12 weeks of training, you can increase 10 inches. 

There’s a lot of programs that you see that they’re always focused on training, which is very easy to get tired of, and the body is missing energy. Unlike those programs, the jump manual will be very focused on your diet and rest, you’re set up a scientific regimen like athletes, so your body has the most energy and the spirit of training at the highest level. 

The Jump Manual

2. What makes a difference in the jump manual.

The difference in the jump manual I realized was ” experience”. Experience of a man for years in the vertical jump. Jacob Hiller has summed up what he’s been through during the course of improving his vertical jump, what’s best he’s been synthesizing and sharing with everyone, as far as I’m concerned. You will avoid difficulties and obstacles during training, which will help you shorten your training period the best. 

The refund program: if after two months of training in the jump manual program, you can’t improve your vertical jump, you can request a refund. But this never happened.

3. What do you need to note when you train the jump manual.  

Jacob Hiller’s program provides a pdf file, so when you read the program there is information you can’t remember, I recommend reading 2 – 3 times before the process of exercising your workout. Here are the important things that any athlete needs to note and it’s also in the jump manual, I suggest you remember the following. 

  • Eat right:

Why am I listing ” eat right” at first, because this is a very important factor to decide whether your body can persist in training or not if you can’t be persistent. At the same time, eating properly will help you have more energy, avoid injury during training. 

  • Be serious in training: 

Serious mental, self – discipline will help you resolve higher results. That means you’re not going to give up any practice and not interrupt the program. If you’re tired and feeling depressed, you go to youtube for motivational videos, it helps you very much. 

  • Improve exercises when necessary: 

This is what I see so meaningful in sports training, when you’ve been through simple exercises, you need to remove this habit to come to more complex exercises. Complex exercises will help you improve your vertical jump. 

  • Don’ t overdo it, rest when you need it. 

Exercise too much is easy to cause damage to muscles, you’ll take a long time to recover, which will affect your training process. If you’re injured, it’s easy to get you frustrated, so I suggest you get tired of rest. 

  • Set different exercises. 

Dancing vertically is not just a jump vertical, you need to combine with fitness exercises, which I saw in Jacob Hiller’s program. Many people think that it’s not necessary and ignores it, but these exercises will help your muscles be healthier, more secure, and your body will be flexible and agile.

4. Conclusion.

Improving vertical height is the process of demanding perseverance and determination. If you’re the person who needs to improve your vertical jump, I recommend that you join Jacob Hiller’s program, you’ll be instructed to follow the full training process and properly, it will save you a lot of time, avoid focusing on the unnecessary. 

If you have any questions, leave a message to me, I’ll answer you in the earliest time, to improve your vertical jump height. 


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