Acid reflux should eat, refrain from? 12 foods improve disease very well

By | 05/06/2020

1. Diet for individuals with gastric reflux should note what? Acid reflux disease is a disease that leads to many unpleasant problems for patients. The absence of scientific daily consumption is one source of reflux condition. For this infer, besides medical practice, you require having a healthy, scientific diet. So what should we eat if we have acid… Read More »

What is fasting psoriasis? What to eat?

By | 31/05/2020

Psoriasis is a typical skin disease of many ages, changing daily movements. Psoriasis causes itching, discomfort, and frequency and is more serious if the patient’s diet is unreasonable. The following article will give information about what foods when psoriasis should be fasting. What is Fasting psoriasis? People with psoriasis will be difficult to treat and it is obvious… Read More »

[Surprise] Can psoriasis spread? Is it genetic?

By | 25/05/2020

Are you having psoriasis or are you getting along with a person with psoriasis? You are worried about whether this condition is contagious to limit yourself and others. So is psoriasis contagious? And if it develops, how does psoriasis spread? Can psoriasis spread? Psoriasis has many uncommon forms such as plaque psoriasis, pustular psoriasis, psoriasis drops, psoriatic arthritis,… Read More »

What is reflux esophagitis A, B, C, D, M? Is esophagitis dangerous?

By | 25/05/2020

What is esophagitis? In the esophagus (the position from the throat to the stomach) there is a thin lining that transports food into the body, which plays a very important role in the digestive operation. When the mucosa is infected, the ulcer starts to gastroesophageal reflux, digestive system diseases, and even esophagitis. It divides the disease into unique… Read More »

The choices of method treatment for psoriasis

By | 16/05/2020

Psoriasis is a disease with many methods. The choice of method for psoriasis depends on the harshness of the illness, which is symptomatic and the size of the affected skin. The right decision will save you grow quicker. 1.  Ointment and cream Treatment of mild psoriasis often uses topical treatment. Mineral oil or cream is needed to give… Read More »

Acid reflux should eat vegetables high in fiber

By | 09/05/2020

Should gastric reflux should eat vegetables? Many people wonder if acid reflux disease should eat vegetables? Because vegetables are one of the most popular foods today besides meat and fish. According to nutrition experts, the answer to this problem is yes. Patients with duodenal reflux should add vegetables to their daily meals to promote health and fight off… Read More »

Why can’t people with psoriasis drink alcohol or beer?

By | 09/05/2020

Environmental influences can also make psoriasis worse. Alcohol and beer are also such a cause. According to a 2013 study found that out of every 23 people with psoriasis, 18 of them played a drunk-related effect. So, why don’t people with psoriasis drink liquor? The relation between psoriasis and alcohol In a new finding, people who drink alcohol… Read More »

[ Danger] Acid reflux disease-causing an unpleasant smell to do?

By | 30/04/2020

1. Acid reflux dangerous nausea it? First, duodenal reflux is a common condition of many ages that exists in the gastrointestinal tract. Gastric acid, meat, stomach contents, etc. for various causes spill out through the pyloric hole. This disease begins a lot of different manifestations such as gushing, indigestion, epigastric pain, choking behind the breastbone,…, in which reflux… Read More »