What is Scalp psoriasis – Causes and how to Treatment

By | 11/04/2020

Scalp psoriatic Causes Scientists are still not yet able to make the exact conclusion that something has caused the scalp psoriasis. Most they ofent have diagnosed in the direction that an ineffective immune system is a leading cause. In some patients, the body produces excessive lymphocyte T cells and neutrophils. The main task of T cells is to… Read More »

What are the diseases of psoriatic arthritis? Symptoms of the disease

By | 02/04/2020

* Psoriatic arthritis and psoriatic disease are autoimmune conditions. Normally, the immune system has the function of protecting the body against diseases and infections. In autoimmune conditions, the immune system becomes a disorder and attacks the healthy parts of the body. It is estimated that approximately 50% of people with the psoriatic disease will suffer from psoriatic arthritis.… Read More »

How is psoriatic on the face with signs of awareness?

By | 28/03/2020

How is psoriatic on the face with signs of awareness? Psoriatic on the face is quite rare. This is the location where the psoriasis is most unpleasant because it greatly affects the aesthetic, causing the person to be ill, sensual and embarrassed to contact others. Facial psoriasis often affects the following areas: -Eyebrows -Hairline -The skin between the… Read More »

What is the difference between psoriasis and Eczema

By | 23/03/2020

Same: -All derived from the decline of the body’s immune system. -Skin disease with the burning skin condition, itching, redness. -The disease does not have the treatment method completely. Different: About the causes of disease and risk factors –With psoriatic: it is due to leukemia cells – T cells mistakenly attack the patient’s skin, increase the production of… Read More »

Notes to psoriasis and Treatment of Psoriasis

By | 23/03/2020

Notes for people with psoriasis Exposure to the sun in a reasonable manner Keeping skin hygiene and good body Avoid stress Avoid palms and skin peeling Avoid having infected skin exposed to alkaline substances Avoid bacterial contamination, especially skin-stabilizing Keep the spirit optimistic, do not pressure yourself for the duration of treatment Avoid drinking beer. Alcohol is the… Read More »

Changing lifestyle help you treat psoriasis

By | 22/03/2020

Get vitamin D from food Consuming foods rich in vitamin D will reduce inflammation throughout the body. With the combination of UV rays from the sun, vitamin D can reduce discomfort and prevent the development of psoriatic plaques. Foods rich in vitamin D include milk, juice, salmon, tuna, egg yolks or cheese… Reduce stress Stress is a factor… Read More »