What is the difference between psoriasis and Eczema

By | 23/03/2020

Same: -All derived from the decline of the body’s immune system. -Skin disease with the burning skin condition, itching, redness. -The disease does not have the treatment method completely. Different: About the causes of disease and risk factors –With psoriatic: it is due to leukemia cells – T cells mistakenly attack the patient’s skin, increase the production of… Read More »

Notes to psoriasis and Treatment of Psoriasis

By | 23/03/2020

Notes for people with psoriasis Exposure to the sun in a reasonable manner Keeping skin hygiene and good body Avoid stress Avoid palms and skin peeling Avoid having infected skin exposed to alkaline substances Avoid bacterial contamination, especially skin-stabilizing Keep the spirit optimistic, do not pressure yourself for the duration of treatment Avoid drinking beer. Alcohol is the… Read More »

Changing lifestyle help you treat psoriasis

By | 22/03/2020

Get vitamin D from food Consuming foods rich in vitamin D will reduce inflammation throughout the body. With the combination of UV rays from the sun, vitamin D can reduce discomfort and prevent the development of psoriatic plaques. Foods rich in vitamin D include milk, juice, salmon, tuna, egg yolks or cheese… Reduce stress Stress is a factor… Read More »