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Distinguish atopic dermatitis and psoriasis

By | 18/06/2020

Learn common concepts Atopic dermatitis (likewise recognized as atopic eczema) is a chronic form of atopic dermatitis that involves children but may also spread into adulthood, an insignificant amount (about 3%) in adults. The infection is not life-threatening, but it produces the person itchy, tired, and influences every day. Characterized by a red rash or patches of skin… Read More »

What is fasting psoriasis? What to eat?

By | 31/05/2020

Psoriasis is a typical skin disease of many ages, changing daily movements. Psoriasis causes itching, discomfort, and frequency and is more serious if the patient’s diet is unreasonable. The following article will give information about what foods when psoriasis should be fasting. What is Fasting psoriasis? People with psoriasis will be difficult to treat and it is obvious… Read More »

[Surprise] Can psoriasis spread? Is it genetic?

By | 25/05/2020

Are you having psoriasis or are you getting along with a person with psoriasis? You are worried about whether this condition is contagious to limit yourself and others. So is psoriasis contagious? And if it develops, how does psoriasis spread? Can psoriasis spread? Psoriasis has many uncommon forms such as plaque psoriasis, pustular psoriasis, psoriasis drops, psoriatic arthritis,… Read More »

Why can’t people with psoriasis drink alcohol or beer?

By | 09/05/2020

Environmental influences can also make psoriasis worse. Alcohol and beer are also such a cause. According to a 2013 study found that out of every 23 people with psoriasis, 18 of them played a drunk-related effect. So, why don’t people with psoriasis drink liquor? The relation between psoriasis and alcohol In a new finding, people who drink alcohol… Read More »

[Danger] Complications of psoriasis – How to overcome psoriasis

By | 18/04/2020

Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition, but if it is not well managed, besides skin lesions, the problems of psoriasis in other structures of the body will influence health’s patient. 1. Complications of psoriasis When old skin cells disappear, it will take flaking over by recent ones. Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition in which skin cells reproduce… Read More »

What is Scalp psoriasis – Causes and how to Treatment

By | 11/04/2020

Scalp psoriatic Causes Scientists are still not yet able to make the exact conclusion that something has caused the scalp psoriasis. Most they ofent have diagnosed in the direction that an ineffective immune system is a leading cause. In some patients, the body produces excessive lymphocyte T cells and neutrophils. The main task of T cells is to… Read More »