What is Scalp psoriasis – Causes and how to Treatment

1. Scalp psoriatic Causes

Scientists are still not yet able to make the exact conclusion that something has caused the scalp psoriasis. Most they ofent have diagnosed in the direction that an ineffective immune system is a leading cause.

In some patients, the body produces excessive lymphocyte T cells and neutrophils. The main task of T cells is to go to all parts and then destroy bacteria, harmful viruses. If this T-cell has a quantity exceeding the demand, they will begin to attack healthy cells by mistake while simultaneously creating more unnecessary new skin cells. The result is rugged plaque that is formed in many positions, including the scalp.

scalp psoriasis

2. Besides, there are many risks of making your scalp psoriasis:

  • Genetic Genetics: If you’re in your family history, especially the hyperglycemia with your scalp psoriasis, your chances of being infected are high. The rate can increase further if the person is your parent.
  • Obesity: Hearing as ridiculous as nonsense but experts find that people with excess weight are more susceptible to this disease. They will also have many folds, wrinkles on the scalp due to excess fat, where the plaque tends to thrive.
  • Tobacco use: People who smoke more will be at higher risk for psoriatic scales, and those who are facing this pathology but still use tobacco are more likely to get symptoms.
  • Stress, prolonged stress: a high level of stress that makes you psoriasis on the scalp because stress does not affect the immune system well.
  • Bacteria and viruses: People with recurrent infections, compromised immune systems, young children, and HIV patients are at risk for fairly high scalp psoriasis.

3. Scalp psoriatic Signs

The symptoms of the disease are quite diverse, their level also stretches from moderate to severe. Common manifestations of the disease include:

  • The scalp surface is dry.
  • The epidermis becomes weaker, prone to peeling, which forms large dandruff or plaque on the head.
  • A sensation of itching, itching accompanied by burning or discomfort as there are bull ants.
  • The scalp area rises with small or large size, pale red, and white scales covered on top.
  • Is there a skin bleed condition that cracks or is caused by a nail scratching, a comb,…too much.

The above symptoms can affect both sides of the scalp or cover the entire head. The disease also has the ability to spread to nearby areas if prolonged treatment is not possible. These include the neck, two ears, frontal region, other skin areas on the face.

Hair loss is also a fairly common side effect when you suffer from scalp psoriasis. But you can rest assured that the hair will regrow when the disease is treated properly as well as the scalp is cleaned clean.

Scalp psoriatic Signs

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4. Scalp Psoriasis Treatment Pills

  • Biological drug groups: are drugs that have a natural ingredient with a decrease in the reaction of the immune system in the body. Thus, the symptoms of scaly plaques decline gradually. Some types, such as Humira or Enbrel, are prescribed by doctors.
  • Drugs Cyclosporine: They act as a decrease in immune function, causing the production of leukocyte cells to become slower. It is recommended once per day, in a fixed time frame. However, it is not recommended to take this medicine for too long due to the safety of unverified security.
  • Oral Retinoid Drugs: Retinoid Oral tablets have a predominantly vitamin A ingredient with a decrease in inflammation as well as help better cells produce more, compensate for the amount of destruction that has been destroyed by the immune system.
  • Drug Methotrexate: It has the ability to suppress the formation of new skin cells. The drug should be administered according to strict indications of the doctor.
  • Tazarotene Scalp Psoriasis: The drug has two types of foam and liquid gels, you can use it to apply scaly plaques on the scalp.
  • Drug Betamethasone and Calcipotriene: This is a combination of corticosteroids along with vitamin D that is capable of reducing pain, itching and the redness of the plaque area while leaving the skin cell difficult to proliferate in the sick area.
  • Calcipotriol: Drugs with foam, cream, grease gel, and liquid solution. With its main ingredient, vitamin D, it causes skin cells to not be able to grow massively on psoriatic skin.

Scalp Psoriasis Treatment

5. How to care for the scalp with psoriatic

Hygiene of the scalp is very important for patients with scalp psoriasis because it not only helps to improve the symptoms but also reduces the condition of hair loss. When shampooing, you should take note of some of the following issues:

  • Choose the right shampoo: Although doctors will be able to prescribe you some pharmaceutical shampoos for a combination of treatments, you can still find the right oils for you, especially when they have the following ingredients: witch hazel (witch hazel extract), coal tar (coal tar), salicylic acid.
  • How to wash your hair: One of the most common problems of scalp psoriasis is a dandruff condition, which can build up in large patches. Therefore, you should remove them before shampooing by using a soft towel to gently shake the hair. You absolutely do not scratch your hands, shake hair roots to clean.

The use of a comb should also be cautious because brushing your hair will cause it to rub vigorously against oily skin. If you want to use it, choose the type with thin teeth and gently brush. You also need to clean the comb clean to avoid damaging the affected skin.

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