Psoriatic arthritis: let’s deal with first, avoid damage.

Psoriatic arthritis can influence many clubs in your body. Spezialy, psoriatic arthritis can change the huge bars of the fewer limbs, the distal limits of your fingers and toes, or the bone joints. You will be disabled if you resolve not to look upon so that can manage to impairment.

Psoriatic arthritis is arthritis that can identify in many characters with psoriasis. That is constant arthritis. Develop psoriatic arthritis accounts for 10-30% of cases with psoriasis. Psoriatic arthritis will damage joints, result in trouble of generator function and injury.

This is an autoimmune illness. It may lead to this condition such as.

  • Historical: About 40% of psoriatic arthritis victims have a past of psoriasis or arthritis.
  • Because of the habitat’s aspects such as dangerous effects, viral and bacterial diseases or risk to chemicals, …
  • This illness commonly develops from 30 to 50 years old. Guys are at the same risk of spreading psoriatic arthritis.

The symptoms of psoriasis and chronic arthritis usually develop personally in victims with psoriatic arthritis:

  • Symptoms may be smooth or very serious, regular with growing pain, rigidity, inequality of some joints, typically in the surrenders.
  • A few heaving symmetric or particularly terrible arthritis, defining party in the bone and pelvic bars depending on the analytic construct. Fingers and toes with one or several fingers or toes (which is more commonplace than hands), seen in 1/3, or even half of the cases.
  • Common skin lesions include tracks, spots or patches on the base of inflamed coral, covered with easily odd, even odd, opaque patches like torches. Microscopic lacerations of a few millimeters in width or spreading into patches. Situations that can be found on the front line of the parts, arms, scalp, and farther find skin sores under the breasts, buttocks or in the navel.
  • Nail dystrophy occurs in about 80% of cases. The most accepted nail changes are nail discoloration, nail thickening, pockmarking or flaking.
  • Other uncommon external demonstrations such as conjunctivitis, iritis, aortic valve regurgitation, mouth sores, urethral ulcers …

Psoriatic arthritis

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2. Psoriasis treatment procedure.

Psoriatic arthritis can lead to impairment, permanent harm to concerts, exhausting the victim, changing the character of people and health. Psoriatic arthritis is an inflammation difficult to deal with, but timely disclosure and treatment can restrict or limit down the issues of the disease.

The medication procedure for psoriatic arthritis is the treatment of symptoms when symptoms occur and a combination of a parallel strategy of grazing and joint lesions. Most psoriasis arthritis medications also run on skin abrasions.


  • A combination of medication and other measures such as patient education, physical therapy to restore motor function; Surgery may be necessary to correct or change joints at a later stage.
  • For mild forms of arthritis, localization of some clubs may call for the use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs alone or in a merger with corticosteroid injections in the joints to treat psoriatic arthritis.
  • The moderate, severe form lacks the use of basic medicines such as methotrexate and/or probiotics.
  • Topical corticosteroids (next-joint injection, implantation injection sites): Explanations for severe swelling or semi-tendon joints despite nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Note: The use of corticosteroids can be a leading cause of irritation of the disease, so it is necessary to control the position effects of the medicine, difficulties of skin diseases, disclosure, treatment of combination diseases.
  • During treatment of psoriatic arthritis patients must be treated and monitored throughout treatment. Do not deal with as stated, appear not to hold or change medications by yourself.
  • Doctors will select patients for routine analysis (peripheral blood units, sedimentation time, creatinine, SGOT, SGPT) 2 weeks for the first month, once a month for the next 3 months, after that 3 months test/time.

The symptoms of psoriasis and chronic arthritis

3. Limit the evolution of psoriatic arthritis.

Because there is no definitive treatment for psoriatic arthritis, symptoms can only be used and restrained from damaging joints. It is important that the disease is recognized early to talk about it, otherwise, it can increase to disability. Therefore, during treatment, patients need:

  • Take your medication as instructed by your doctor and connect your doctor if you experience side effects when selecting the medicine or if it goes on not help relieve joint injury, rigidity, increasing or arthritis.
  • Use hot and cold stores to help ease the pain. You can give it several times a day, about 20 two 30 minutes at a time.
  • In daily life, psoriatic arthritis patients should pay attention to protect joints such as adjusting the way of work, activities that have a negative impact on the elbows
  • Maintaining a healthful weight prevents excessive weight on ton the bars, encouraging you to reduce anxiety and improve development. The best way to manage pressure off is to develop your nutrients and reduce calories in your diet, eating plenty of plant-based foods;
  • Regular exercise helps joints become more flexible and supple.
  • Practice yoga meditation to reduce feelings of pain and fatigue.

Patients with psoriatic arthritis can visit Vinec International General Hospital for observation and treatment. There is a group of doctors who are specialized in musculoskeletal training, who are well-trained, rich in expertise and experience; a system of modern equipment, reaching international standards; Professional service quality, for high diagnosis and treatment efficiency.


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