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Suspension Revolution – Best Exercise program at home

Now exercise regularly is being gotten by many people, it does not only help you have healthy health, a balanced body that helps you improve your quality of life. There are a lot of ways to exercise now, you can practice at home or at the gym. The difficulty of exercising is persistence, to have a good result you need to persist, not just that when you have a balanced shape and the amount of body mass that you want to maintain your routine to keep the results good. 

Many of us used to exercise and have a beautiful shape, but because of the laziness and subjective neglect of the past, instead of bad habits that make the body gain weight. 

There are people who are busy with work so they can’t go to the gym, or have no conditions to buy expensive tools at home. 

There are now many optimal solutions that help you maintain your training habits, not just to save you a lot of costs that are also unexpected. Did you ever think you’d use a string to do your exercises? I’m very skeptical about this, but after I’ve seen reality, I’ve completely changed my mind. 

I know many people have heard of the ” suspension revolution ” program. This is a program that helps you keep your body shape balanced or lose weight at home without needing to go to the gym, but it’s really effective, i’ m going to analyze it for you better. 

1. What’s the suspension revolution? Dan Long Ripped

Suspension revolution is a training program at Dan Long’s home, which helps you keep your body shape balanced, prevent the risk of obesity, lose weight, and help you save a lot of costs from coming to the gym or a treadmill. 

According to the suspension revolution, you only need to do exercises from basic to advanced, a 20 – week program divided into three levels. If you’re new, you’ll have the first four weeks to familiarize yourself with the exercises, then four weeks of intermediate programs, the exercises will be enhanced for your body to adapt and develop the best. 

2. Details of the suspension revolution program 

  1. Some new programs start: here you will learn basic knowledge, the movement of the body. There will be basic exercises and easy to make, you will be confident and quickly adapt to the program by this stage, but there are also a number of tasks that cost more effort because you have to learn to balance it yourself. You’ll find on your body there’s a lot of muscle that you’ve never known before. 
  2. The middle-ranking of the revolution program: there is a change in exercises, exercises that become more difficult, it is the enhancement of exercises at the beginning. At this stage, you have the basic skills of the start stage so you need to use more skills that use more skills to stimulate your body, if you don’t, or you’ll get stable and stop working.  
  3. Suspension revolution program advanced: to this stage, you will enjoy training, you will feel inadequate if you are not trained. The exercises at this stage will make you stronger and help you reduce your fat. The amount of excess fat has been reduced in two stages and to this stage is the process of forming your muscles, so try to get to this stage, which means you have succeeded. 

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3. Pros Suspension revolution’s

The program doesn’t require weight so you won’t need to use weights. All of the tools you need are a string of strings, so you’ll save a lot of costs from going to the gym or buying other training devices. 

You can practice anywhere, anytime. The exercises will be easy to perform at home, you just have to have a pole column to anchor the strap onto the safety column and you can do your homework. 

Stop training for a while doesn’t affect your training results. This is very good because you can spend time focusing on nutrition that makes your body more balanced, stronger without fear of obesity. 

The belt exercises will affect more muscles in your body. You’ll be surprised that the belt is more effective than the weight of the weights. 

After doing the suspension revolution, you’ll have more motor skills in life. Weights can only affect one area, but with suspension revolution, you’re fully developed. 

Exercise less affects the back than the weight of weights, you won’t be feeling back in the spine where your spine is up to a lot of your back. 

The exercises are designed scientifically, from basic to advanced, so you are easy to implement and follow. 

The program is divided into many short exercises to avoid giving you boredom, exercises always change to stimulate your workout spirit. 

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4. Cons Suspention revolution’s

If you’re looking for an easy program to help you get a balanced body, or help you lose weight at home, suspension revolution doesn’t fit you, which means it requires you to work, perseverance, and focus on. The time of exercises has been organized scientifically, so you should not expect a short program. 

You need to exercise care in the instructions as it can cause rewards to you but also should not be afraid when exercising, a training spirit remains an important factor in all processes. 

5. Conclusion

Suspention revolution is the most optimal alternative to exercising or going to the gym. Suspention revolution stimulates you to work in many different locations that weights don’t work. The program helps you get your balance back, your body is healthier, you get more fat. You’ll be more confident in life, more flexible in the work after completing this program. Finally, the result comes only when you really love and wait for it, take action to get the results early. 

If you have any questions, leave a message to me, i’ ll answer you the earliest. 


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