The choices of method treatment for psoriasis

Psoriasis is a disease with many methods. The choice of method for psoriasis depends on the harshness of the illness, which is symptomatic and the size of the affected skin. The right decision will save you grow quicker.

1.  Ointment and cream

Treatment of mild psoriasis often uses topical treatment. Mineral oil or cream is needed to give to the skin after wet or during bathing. In addition, it may still require you may also stronger-acting drugs with elements that help reduce swelling and limit the growth of skin bacteria.

You should only deal with the skin after giving the drug when given by your doctor. For some drugs, establishing your skin may maintain build up the efficiency of the method. However, some potent drugs can develop the symptoms of side effects.

If your doctor recommends it, do: Give the treatment to the skin surface, cover with elastic cover, wear waterproof dress, nylon cloth or cotton socks.

Ointment and cream treatment

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2. Light therapy (Phototherapy)

Ultraviolet irradiation can help prevent the rapid increase of skin bacteria. However, sunbathing rarely improves but worsen the brainwashing. The doctor will perform the bar for you with the right number and time. Radiotherapy rarely causes pain. Projecting is done by laser or light box. You can also combine drug therapy with radiotherapy. Note, improper irradiation can increase the risk of skin disease.

3. Laser therapy

With radiation analysis, the doctor will beam the ray into the psoriasis area, the neighboring normal skin will not be harmed or endangered to UV radiation related to other radiation methods. After 4-5 weeks of treatment, the plaques on the skin will thinner and the manifestations will also disappear after a while. It treats the majority of situations; the analysis is painless, only some people have slight redness and blistering.

4. Oral medications

It points out the method of psoriasis with medicine when treatments acting on the trim are not effective. The cure administered is a rapid release tablet or medicine that helps restore the trim and prevents spreading if you have reduced and severe psoriasis. Used drugs include acitretin (Soriatane), pyrolusite (Italy), cyclosporine (Apo-Cyclosporine, Wengraf, Neoral, Sandimmune) and methotrexate (rheometer, Rexall).

Oral medications

5. Intravenous drug or rapid release capsule.

We often treat moderate, and severe psoriasis is often with potent medicines. The medicine acts on the immune process, promote to prevent things that build up the development of the disease. It can add some pills at home, others have to go to the hospital or clinic for dose. Commonly used stimulants include adalimumab (Humira), adalimumab-collection (piezo), birdlime (Silic), etanercept (Enbrel), guselkumab (term), infliximab (Remicade), Remicade, ixekizumab (Taltz), secukinumab (Taltz), secukinumab (Taltz), secukinumab (Taltz), secukinumab (Taltz) syntax) and ustekinumab (Stelara).

Treating psoriasis with treatment can help develop the condition after only a few weeks. You should offer medical advice if you are worried about the treatment. These remedies can lead to serious side effects, such as liver and kidney problems, infections and some cancers.


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6. Treatment during pregnancy

If you are pregnant, nursing, or planning to have a baby, ask your doctor about certain treatments. Oral, biological and even some topical treatments can lead to birth injuries or pass them into breast milk. Ultraviolet light therapy is healthier for expectant mothers. If your doctor prescribes radiation medicine, apply sunscreen to avoid pigmentation, especially for rich women.

7. Water therapy

Use by adding Epsom salt, Dead Sea salt, grease or oatmeal to the bath. A 15-minute soak can soothe itchy skin and remove skins. Use moisturizer afterward. Swimming in salt water will help eliminate dead skin. You can swim in the pool and wash off chlorine after swimming.

8. Reduce stress

Stress can cause set. Therefore, you require to reduce stress. Talking to people with similar conditions, with doctors, in the community are suitable options. Also, walking or exercising can make your body feel better.

Complementary and alternative therapy (CAM) can use the body to get better. Treatments include special diets, herbs, yoga, and meditation. There have not been many studies on the effect of complementary methods in improving psoriasis. You should consult your doctor before giving additional treatment. Yoga and meditation are safe, but herbs and supplements may reduce the effects of the medication.


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