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By | 24/11/2020

Hi, I’m glad to know you’re reading my blog. If you’re reading this article I believe you’re very interested in jumping vertical training, I’m here to share with you what I know about vertical Jump programs, to help you choose your best program. 

First, I want to talk a little bit about jumping along. If you’ve ever been able to learn about how to improve your vertical jump, you’ll see that it’s a process that requires training to persist and try, you’ll also have to note the nutrition in your daily diet because it affects the exercise. 

I’ve seen a lot of people train to improve their vertical jump by repeating the high jump, even if they’re hurt at the knee, which is very dangerous. Some people love jumping along but they can’t love sub – exercises like collectives, squat…. Some people want to have short – term training programs, they can practice at home without a gym because they don’t have much time. 

To advise you, I’ve learned a lot of different programs, and in this article, I’m going to introduce you to a program that is appropriate for you, if you’re looking forward to the standards above. 

1. Introduce About vert shock 

This is the program created by Adam Folker. In fact, it’s a collaboration between Adam folker and a professional pitcher with his best friend Justin Darlington, who has been seen as the best jumper in the world. They’re all people who have been through the process of dancing, having seen a lot of failures and now they’re professional athletes. 

The vertical jump program lasted eight weeks. With some of these people, it’s a long time, but as far as I’m concerned about jump programs, it’s the shortest program, of course, it has to make sure the quality content and efficiency. As I earlier shared, I’ve shown you that, ” the appropriate time for training is the best way to do it from two to three month”. 

Jump Higher

There are diverse exercises to improve the ability to enable jump, you won’t have to do repeated iterations, which is very easy to cause boredom and damage during training. 

The shock is established for people who don’t have much time and equipment to train. You don’t need the gym and you don’t need to use support devices like weights. Instead, you’ll use advanced plyometrics. 

After eight weeks of training, you can improve your vertical jump from 9 – 16 inches. This is a much higher number than other programs.

2. Things to keep in mind when training with vert shock

Vert shock is established based on the principle of ” you transcend yourself”, so the vert exercises require that you have a very large determination, which will not be set up for you, you will need to overcome your ability and at present. 

The program is set up scientifically so requires you to be serious, compliant. You can’t leave exercises, you’ll need to make the right sequence like the sorted program. I know a lot of people want to practice early jump exercises that skip past exercises, which will reduce the effectiveness of the program and be able to meet difficulties in training. 

Average Vertical Jump For basketball players.

The nutritional mode is an important factor in training, if the diet is bad you will lose energy, your body won’t be able to maximize the ability to turn on, you’ll be tired, frustrated, and easy to give up. So you need to pay attention to the diet that the program shows, it’s very good for you. 

The focus of the exercises is set by using plyometrics, so to avoid the damage you should read a little about plyometrics. 

3. Why do we use vert shocks

The right practice: with the new people that start the jump process, it’s difficult to find the right direction, the exercise is not going to give you good results, so your friends have passed you a lot, so your friends have passed you so much, so your friends have passed you so much. So the first thing I need to keep in mind with those who jump along is you need to practice properly. 

Scientific content: a scientific program studied before will always produce a good result. You use the program to exercise as you are doing what athletes are doing. So you’ll get the same results as the athletes have achieved. 

Nutritional mode: a diet that needs to be studied, you can’t create a diet without research. Nutrition affects your training results, so you need to comply with proper nutritional mode.  

Make sure the results: in the course of two months you’re in the same way as the shock of the shock without good results, you can request a refund. This is the guarantee that the program gives you, however, the refund has never happened. 

4. Summary: 

The vertical jump is the process of combining the physical and the spirit, it needs science and time. To improve the vertical jump you must focus on your training process, you need to know what your body needs, what is right and wrong to avoid taking time but without good results. A guide is always essential for beginners and disorientation. The shock comes to help you do better without wasting your time. You can see the detailed program here. 

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a message to me, I’ll answer you the earliest. 

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