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Vertical Jump Bible review- First vertical Jump training program

There’s a lot of training programs along the top, but the first dance program is very few people know it. Today I’m going to introduce you to the first vertical Jump program ” vertical jump bible”. But is it really the best way to help you improve your vertical dance, and I will help you answer that question. 

Vertical jump bible is considered one of the first vertical training programs, so far it’s still working for users. There’s a lot of athletes who have been working on vertical jump bible, and vertical jump bible exercises are basic exercises, right, and focus the maximum on the possibility of the high jump. 

The vertical jump bible focuses on the use of weights and squats to directly affect your calves, so you can see the vertical jump bible, which is directly affecting the position that you can jump the highest. So we can see that the vertical jump bible focuses on building muscle power and that’s the basis of this program. 

1. According to my personal evaluation. 

Before we go to the vertical jump bible, I want to share a little bit of my opinion about dancing vertical training. When you want to improve the vertical height, you need to clearly define how the training goals, how long you’ve been practicing, how much you want to improve, how much you’ve been able to practice, that’s where you’re going to be able to do it, and that’s what i’ m saying. 

You’ve already known the two famous NBA sports athletes Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, Kobe Bryant look like Michael Jordan, they’re all people with good height and fitness. Nate McMillan when he was a Portland coach, McMillan asked Greg Oden to exercise too hard, mainly the fitness exercise so Greg Oden’s knee was hurt and Greg Oden couldn’t play well in the season’s NBA. 

What is a vertical jump bible

2. So…. What affects your vertical jump?

As I’ve analyzed above, the wrong exercise affects your results. Basketball players and volleyball often develop body height, thin shape. You should’ t be too bulky because it will affect your knee. 

The vertical jump bible is the first program to train vertical jump so the focus program mainly raises weights to increase the body’s strength, which prevents basketball players and volleyball because they want more agility. 

When you look at the gym, you can compare David Robinson or Russell Westbrook with Anthony mason or Charles Oakley, you’ll be easily seen as a gazelle on the field. 

That’s why I like the vert of Adam Folker and the jump manual of Jacob Hiller’s bible jump. You can see my detailed review here. Best Vertical Jump Program

3. What is a vertical jump bible? 

Vertical jump bible is a vertical training program that grows earlier than other programs, so it retains its promise to help you rise vertically. This program is studied by experiments and science, so it focuses on factors that help you increase your vertical jump, which is broken down by stages to help you achieve goals. 

Vertical jump bible

Here are some important factors affecting your vertical jump. 

Overall power and collective strength: you’re a sportsman, the more you’re athletic, the more you’re healthy, the more regular your muscles are, which gives you a better chance of jumping than the untrained people. 

Concrete jump: the body of the body that affects your own high – end time is the leg, muscle, and thighs. The muscles in these locations are well developed that will help you to enable better jump. 

Body creation: you don’t see people with large body bodies, bulky bodies play volleyball and basketball, Charless Barkley is an unusual human being. I’ve never met a fat guy who got to the NBA. 

Body structure: this is a genetic problem, it also affects your high jump capability. You can fix it by training more and focus more on your strengths to achieve the best results. 

The form and technique: there are a lot of mistakes that jumping is just jumping through the jump, but to jump higher than you can combine many elements in it. That’s why high – jump athletes and jumping are always trained to do the same thing over and over again when they’re best. 

You can read more: Average Vertical Jump Men and Women

4. Who’s Kelly Baggett?

Kelly Baggett was the one who wrote the vertical jump training program jump bible. I used to be a sports expert. You’re always helping the high jumper, running faster in their sport. Inspiring and motivated athletes are the important thing that you’re always aiming for, helping your athletes explode more and stronger when you fight. 

Kelly Bagget’s s dominant achievement is that he increased his vertical jump from 23” to 42” (an amazing number )which proves that his vertical jump bible system is functioning well. 

5. Vertical jump bible will bring you something. 

You can improve your vertical Jump height in the first few months and 12” in the next years of training. 

If you’re the one who practiced sports like the shape or football, the vertical dance would not improve much, but it would be at 4 – 6 inches a year. 

Vertical jump bibles will bring good results if you practice hard and persist, you shouldn’t leave exercises or distractions. 

Vertical jump bible has different levels of exercise, you can choose the relevance of your current ability. 

  • Beginner’s: the new people with the jump. 
  • New: people who used to play and have little experience in sports. 
  • Intermediate: people who have had long queues and trained. 
  • Advanced: people with long and detailed playtime. 

At each level, there are different assignments and the results are different. For example, with beginners, training from basic movements, developing body muscles, forming muscles, eliminating bad habits and weaknesses hindering your development. 

6. Conclusion about jump bible review

Vertical jump bible was proved by Kelly Baggett in his training results when he increased the vertical jump up to 42”. The vertical jump bible also has plyometrics exercises, nutrition guides help restore muscles presented in pdf files 

Tip: if you’re a fitness practice and want to improve the vertical jump, the vertical jump bible will match you. If you want to focus on improving the vertical height but less use of weight – enhancing exercises and to a wider basketball player, the shock system or jump manual will be more appropriate for you. 

If you have any questions about the vertical jump bible, leave me a message, I’ll answer you the earliest. 


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