What is external hemorrhoids? Causes, symptoms and treatment

1. What is external hemorrhoids?

External hemorrhoids are the reality of venous plexus under the forage (the exterior part, the edge of the anus) being expounded and bent, rising, provided for a thin sheet of skin called hemorrhoids. When looking can feel tiny and thin hemorrhoids veins, overlapping, overlapping in hemorrhoids tufts.

External hemorrhoids are not life-threatening, they can cause itching, liaison, and discomfort that affect the lives of patients.

Patients if subjective treatment is not completed and and promptly can get to other important issues such as anal inflammation

2. Causes of external hemorrhoids

Common elements of external hemorrhoids are:

• The custom of sitting a lot, stand long, being inactive and lifting large loads

• Prolonged constipation causes a number of pressure in the patient, leading to increased hemorrhoidal venous pressure, along with the anal sphincter which also leads to hemorrhoids.

• Diets lacking in substance, hot spicy

• Accidental daily habits such as squat and anxiety when in the toilet

• Gay relationship

what is external hemorrhoids


3. Symptoms of external hemorrhoids

Symptoms of external hemorrhoids often manifest initially as internal and synthetic hemorrhoids:

• Bloody bowel movements: the most frequent manifestation, blood is brilliant crimson. However, hemorrhoids do not always go beyond blood.

• There is a feeling of heaviness in the anus or arousing

• Anal pain: symptoms peak during and after using the toilet or may be dull all day, when sitting

• Go outside to see piles of hemorrhoids prolapse outside the anus

The more marked symptoms of external hemorrhoids are:

• In the anus, the patient builds up bulging hemorrhoid that looks like a piece of leftover meat

• Enlarged hemorrhoid, covered with skin, black red like a blood curdling, visible poor, overlapping veins, sometimes with pus

• Anus is always wet, itchy, burning

• Long term hemorrhoids will swell, resulting in fragility or bleeding when impacted, deep pressure, or changing

We can analyze external hemorrhoids based on the following four levels

• External hemorrhoids of level 1: Hemorrhoids converging, may have bleeding

• External hemorrhoids level 2: Hemorrhoids when pushing self-reduction after toilet

• External hemorrhoids level 3: Hemorrhoids when pushing, powerless to shrink on its holding, must be pushed up by hands

• External hemorrhoids level 4: Frequent prolapse, including occlusive hemorrhoids

Cause of external hemorrhoids

4. Risk subjects for external hemorrhoids

People at great risk for external hemorrhoids are the coming:

• People with a pattern of sitting a lot, standing for a long time, being sedentary and carrying large loads

• People with dietary habits, lack of fiber, eat lots of hot spicy foods such as alcohol, chili, pepper …

• People who have a habit of squatting and straining when they have a bowel movement and gay sex

• People with prolonged constipation

• People suffering from systemic diseases such as digestive disorders, respiratory diseases

• Women who are rich and after childbirth is also at a greater risk of having external hemorrhoids because they are further likely to get constipated during pregnancy and poor health along with a lower vein system. Large fetuses also pinch obstructing blood flow to the lower aorta. Pushing labor during delivery is a risk factor for the disease.

5. Prevention of external hemorrhoids

With the raised-reported risk considerations, the major method to ward off external hemorrhoids is to have a good lifestyle and behavior such as

• Eat high-fiber, comfortable-to-digest foods, reduce hot spicy foods

• Change positions when acting, avoiding prolonged sitting or standing

• Avoid heavy climbing, sitting, pressing too serious when outdoors

• Pregnant women should have a further rigid diet and lifestyle when they are already a risk element for external hemorrhoids.

6. Measures to recognize external hemorrhoids

Diagnosis of hemorrhoids is based on the scientific condition of the patient and the following questions to make a distinct analysis with similar phenomena:


• The analysis is established by considering at the state of ​​the hemorrhoids with the clearest explanation of the appearance of enlarged hemorrhoids in the anus, skin covered, deep red like a blood-curdling and with zigzag blood vessels. Poor, overlap

• The patient’s accompanying symptoms may include itching, burning in the anus, pain during defecation, or place or sitting for lengthy periods of time.

• Bloody diarrhea is common but not required

About testing: it needs colonoscopy and sigmoid colonoscopy to confirm the diagnosis and rule out alternative causes such as anal fissure rupture, anal inflammation, anal tumors, rectum, anal polyps- rectum and important causes such as colon and rectal cancer

Hemorrhoids Healing Protocol – Home remedies for hemorrhoids

7. Measures to treatment external hemorrhoids

There are 2 methods of treating external hemorrhoids: preventive approach and surgical treatment

About the medical process of managing external hemorrhoids:

• Patients with external hemorrhoids both drugs: oral and topical agents (at the site of the hemorrhoids)

• Oral drugs: A group of drugs extracted from farms or containing active ingredients Rutin that increases the permeability and flexibility of veins in the anus-rectum area, reduces edema, congestion venous blood

• Topical agents: topical lotions and pills placed in the anus, all with the goal of negative-provocative, analgesic and firming veins

Surgical treatment of external hemorrhoids

• There are many methods such as fibrous puncture, hemorrhoidectomy surgery, electrocautery, Lazer, the relationship of the flexible band, etc. However, with external hemorrhoid surgery, the technique of cutting hemorrhoids should only be applied because this is a receptor containing many sensory nerves that will cause continued pain when applying alternative methods.

• Hemorrhoidectomy is also only used for patients with advanced hemorrhoids.


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