What is fasting psoriasis? What to eat?

Psoriasis is a typical skin disease of many ages, changing daily movements. Psoriasis causes itching, discomfort, and frequency and is more serious if the patient’s diet is unreasonable. The following article will give information about what foods when psoriasis should be fasting.

1. What is Fasting psoriasis?

People with psoriasis will be difficult to treat and it is obvious to get back if there are an irregular diet and living. However, not all foods should be eaten during psoriasis. There are many foods that will make psoriasis more severe, causing more itching and lasting.

As suggested by doctors, people with psoriasis should abstain from the accompanying foods:

  • Red meats

The reason people with psoriasis should reduce their absorption of red meat is that red meat is high in Orchid – an amount that can produce damages to become infected. We need to abstain from the common red meat that we eat like pork, lamb, beef, buffalo, veal, horse meat.

  • Types of stimulants

Whatever the disease, we should not use drugs such as smoke or ethanol. For people with psoriasis, the use of this stimulation will cause the condition to not improve, liver function is affected, it can spread psoriasis.

  • Hot spicy food, fried, spending a lot of greases

Patients are irritated itchy psoriasis if eating foods that have hot spicy or fatty foods.

  • Sweet things

Sugary sweets make people obese affect during psoriasis

When patients use too many sugar-rich foods such as ice cream, cakes, sweet chocolate … will cause obesity, difficult metabolism to make psoriasis worse.

  • Processed products related to milk

Dairy products also have some same substances in red meat that cause irritation, allergies, and inflammation in people with psoriasis.

What is fasting psoriasis

Dairy products are not good for plaque psoriasis

  • Types of seafood

Seafood like crabs, crabs, shrimps, turtles, snails, and oysters contain histamine, which inhibits damaged skin, leading to itching and allergies. If the patient is being treated for psoriasis, the use of seafood will make it more difficult to deal with.

  • Fast food

Patients should limit fast food or junk food because I usually fry these foods are usually greasy, have bad fat, and lead to heat in or allergic.

  • Foods high in fat are not good, animal organs

Even ordinary people should not eat animal organs. when psoriasis eating animal organs will lead to the patient to continue healing time, changing the body’s metabolism.

  • The food contains gluten

Gluten-containing foods like wheat, bread, pasta, etc. will affect the digestive system, intestinal tract, making the patient’s lifeless healthy, making psoriasis worse.

  • Other foods like citrus

Besides dieting on these foods, patients should also pay attention to reduce sun exposure and maintain personal hygiene clean to avoid irritation and deal with the disease. If so long, it will extend to many areas, affecting the lives of patients.

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2. What should psoriasis eat?

Because of abstinence from many types of food, patients require improving these essential foods during the healing process:

  • Eat plenty of vegetables and greens such as cauliflower and kale to keep your body with the amount of vitamins. In green vegetables have antioxidant candles will help the skin heal, not allergic.
  • Provide the body with foods with Omega 3 such as salmon to fight infection of the injured skin, suitable to cure psoriasis.
  • Eating black sesame at meals will help patients get vitamin E and Omega 3 – wonderful materials for limiting psoriasis spread.
  • Eat more fruits with essential vitamins such as vitamin E, vitamin C, and vitamin A to enhance skin protection, keep skin with moderate moisture, and regenerate to restore damaged skin. Avocado is the fruit recommended by doctors, beneficial to health.
  • Sick people also spend a moderate amount of cereal, such as oatmeal or antioxidants.
  • People with psoriasis need to comprise zinc-containing foods (not the above seafood); however, care should be taken to use moderate amounts to avoid allergies.
  • Green tea is also recommended, but drink only thin green tea and limit drinking in the evening to avoid insomnia.
  • Drinking plenty of filtered water will save the skin, keep necessary moisture and purify the body. Even people with psoriasis or normal should drink 2.5 liters of water a day.

What should psoriasis eat?

Psoriasis has to abstain from a lot of fresh foods. However, if the person complies with and reduces these foods, it will heal the injured skin. Patients also require paying attention to the addition of necessary foods and moderation, healthy activities to cut down the likelihood of relapse and build up resistance.


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