What is internal hemorrhoids? Causes, symptoms and treatment

1. What is internal hemorrhoids?

Internal hemorrhoids are a condition where the nerves of the rectum area of ​​the rectum are expounded and developed. In the early stage, the hemorrhoids will be a slight piece of food, below the rake row. After the condition produces, the leftover mass will become wider and become a phenomenon.

Depending on the situation of the hemorrhoids, which appear above or below the line of the anal canal, we can classify hemorrhoids into two prominent types: domestic and external hemorrhoids. With internal hemorrhoids, the characteristics to analyze the location of hemorrhoids tufts in the anal canal, obvious because of lack of visual nerves, often not got first hemorrhoids but only signs of bleeding blood when you have a bowel movement, burning or drainage and a big feeling in the anus, then you notice a hemorrhoid prolapse.

Depending on the severity, we organize the internal hemorrhoids into 4 degrees: internal hemorrhoids 1, internal hemorrhoids 2, internal hemorrhoids level 3, and internal hemorrhoids 4 are when the hemorrhoids have developed into the permanent outside. subjects, pressing or contraction appear more complications such as inflammation, necrosis, tufts of hemorrhoids.

What is internal hemorrhoids

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2. Causes of internal hemorrhoids

Internal hemorrhoids come from many causes such as

  • Because of veins in the rectum, it distends the anus, limiting the anal canal, forming it harder to move the stool out.
  • Anus, it irritates rectum because the anal area is too red, too intense because of diarrhea, constipation….
  • Because of digestive problems such as decreased bowel movements, sluggish bowel movements, and sedentary activity.
  • Because of an increase in abdominal pressure, such as rich women, patients with intestinal tumors, patients with hypertrophy of the prostate, etc.
  • Because of wrong living habits such as eating too full, not valuing the toilet, squatting for long…
  • Because of laziness, because of concentration at work, because of stress … so passive to go to the toilet. This cause is universal among junior people.

3. Internal hemorrhoids symptoms

At each severity of the disease, signs of internal hemorrhoids may hold:

  • The sign of internal hemorrhoids of the initial degree is a bloody bowel movement, although there is no burning sensation the blood is driven in the stool or toilet paper, later it is larger than the blood that drips or soaks into the bun. hemorrhoids prolapsed. Besides, because the mucus discharge causes the anus moist patients to feel uneasy.
  • The sign of internal hemorrhoids 2 is lower hemorrhoids tufts, stationed inside the anus. At this level, when advancing or secreting, the hemorrhoids can stick out and then retract themselves with no intervention.
  • Signs of internal hemorrhoids 3 are fuller and greater than hemorrhoidal epithelial epithelium, with a black-red color and an unpleasant surface like external hemorrhoids. The hemorrhoids that have slipped out make the sphincter of the anus to come relaxed, not only defecating during defecation but also during coughing or intense exercise, and cannot revert by itself if the patient presents not include it hemorrhoids in.


4. Road of internal hemorrhoids transmission

Internal hemorrhoids can not reach?

Internal hemorrhoids are one disease that is not extended from person to person

5. Subjects at risk of internal hemorrhoids

According to statistics, about 3/4 of the population will have hemorrhoids in their lives. Both men and women are at risk, those who have to sit a lot and rich women. The disease takes place between the ages of 45 and 65 years old.

There are risk factors that build up the likelihood of having the disease, such as Taking to assemble for lengthy periods of time, including diarrhea or habitual constipation, obesity, rich women, anal sex, low-fiber diet, a history of micro-regional tumors including colorectal tumor, tumor in the uterus and many months of pregnancy hinder blood return to the heart causing varicose veins.

6. Prevention of internal hemorrhoids

To avoid internal hemorrhoids, it is best to have the stool soft when taking place through the anus. There are several measures to prevent hemorrhoids and lessen the symptoms of hemorrhoids:

• Eat high-fiber foods like fruits, vegetables, and wholesome grains, etc. to help often stool and increase stool weight.

• Drink six to eight glasses of water and other liquids (not alcohol) routine to help soften stools.

• Take an up-the-counter fiber supplement, such as Metamucil and Citrucel, to improve symptoms and lessen suffering from the hemorrhoids, help keep stool fat, and have daily bowel movements every day.

• Limit strong pushing when applying the toilet to evade placing pressure on the veins of the lower rectum to make the hemorrhoids bulge and bleed.

• Go to the toilet as soon as you get sick.

• Exercise daily to help avoid constipation and bring pressure on veins, which can occur when standing for lengthy periods of sitting for long periods.

• Limiting prolonged squatting, on the toilet, can increase pressure on a vein in the anus

7. Measures to diagnose internal hemorrhoids

Internal hemorrhoids can be analyzed by examining the abdominal area. Besides, it is also viable to use new methods: blood test in stool, sigmoidoscopy, anal exam to check the condition.

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8. Measures to treatment internal hemorrhoids

Internal hemorrhoids have specific treatments, depending on the severity of the disease.

• At a mild level, internal hemorrhoids are not problematic to use but require prompt treatment and persistence. Oral and up-the-counter medications can relieve symptoms of the disease without surgery.

• Maintaining an experimental diet is also one treatment for internal hemorrhoids in the recent stages. So fasting internal hemorrhoids fasting? Patients in the previous stages of the disease should abstain from indigestible foods, do not drink alcohol, beer, and use tobacco and new stimulants.

• Four cases of hemorrhoids with thrombotic complications should be involved early by performing ablation or combination therapy to exclude thrombus with hemorrhoids by new methods.

9. Methods for cutting hemorrhoids such as

• Surgical, removal of the hemorrhoids with a rubber band or avascular prickle to feed the hemorrhoids, is usually used for mild cases of hemorrhoids.

• Inject fiber: use 1-2 ml of fiber (usually sodium tetradecyl sulfate or 5% phenol, quinine, urea hydrochloride, polidocanol) injected with a 25-gauge needle into the submucosa.

• Cut the hemorrhoids with a rubber-banding method, which is placed around the hemorrhoids, causing ischemia, fibrous hemorrhoids, shrinking, and self-shedding.

• Longo method to remove hemorrhoids to treat internal hemorrhoids 3 and 4. This is the principle that the principle is to disrupt the upper and middle hemorrhoids, and then the prolapsed rectal-rectal mucosa upwards, bring the hemorrhoids into place in the anal canal thus shrinking the hemorrhoid tissue.

• THD radical suturing method: under ultrasound guidance to block the blood supply to the anus, thus reducing hemorrhoid bulge.


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