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What is reflux esophagitis A, B, C, D, M? Is esophagitis dangerous?

1. What is esophagitis?

In the esophagus (the position from the throat to the stomach) there is a thin lining that transports food into the body, which plays a very important role in the digestive operation. When the mucosa is infected, the ulcer starts to gastroesophageal reflux, digestive system diseases, and even esophagitis.

It divides the disease into unique kinds, the medical terminology divides the condition into grades A, B, C, D, and M. Each disease status will have different harms and the analysis will also differ. 

You can identify reflux esophagitis through some typical symptoms: abdominal injury, vomit, weakness in the chest – more decided when chewing or drinking water, coughing, dry cough, coughing up phlegm, anorexia, not eating well. However, people often think these are normal symptoms when the body is depressed, when the weather changes, we do not examine the condition at an early stage, leading to serious problems, very unfortunate…

Esophagitis makes it more troublesome to move food into the stomach of the larynx, and patients often experience pain when ingesting food, even drinking water or swallowing saliva is painful. Besides, the chest of the patient always feels pain, body fatigue, discomfort, boredom, loss of appetite. If left untreated, it can spread to esophageal cancer.

What is esophagitis?

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2. Levels of esophagitis

  • Grade A reflux esophagitis

Of all stages of the condition, we consider grade A is the most popular group of diseases, the symptoms of the condition are simple so it is often confused with other forms of inflammation.

The most common symptom of Grade A reflux esophagitis is burning in the epigastric area, patients often have feelings of bloating, belching indigestion and heartburn, high salivary flow, …

Although the condition is not life-threatening, if not treated, it will lead to other complications that are very dangerous to health.

  • Esophagitis Grade B

When infected with B-esophagus, the patient often feels like there is something in the throat, when chewing, swallowing painful foods like a bone. This is because you have more acid reflecting up the lining of your esophagus. The disease can make ulcers, diseases in the larynx’s lining become more serious, leading to the development of fibrous scars, or obstructing the development of food, causing painful emotions as mentioned above.

  • Esophagitis Grade C

When the disease becomes Celsius, inflammation in the esophagus becomes more severe and causes more pain and obsession for patients. At this stage, we also know the disease is also as an esophageal barrette, it has altered the lining of the esophagus in both color and cell components.

The sores and lesions of C-type esophagitis have gathered into large patches because of the thicker frequency of acid reflux, making them more affected by acid., resulting in “erosive” esophageal lining.

When the disease has turned to degrees, we classify C as pre-esophageal cancer. Patients will often see chest pain, chest tightness, black stools, dry cough, sore throat, vomiting blood, etc.

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  • Esophagitis Grade D 

Grade D infection is when the lining of the esophagus has been damaged by over 75%. At this stage, the disease is easy and turns into esophageal cancer.

Besides symptoms such as at stage A, B, C at this stage, patients with Grade D esophagitis will experience more intense pain, feeling of chest tightness, shortness of breath, severe physical weakness, rapid weight loss, … Patients need to test samples of inflammatory cells to determine the exact situation, based on which the doctor can recommend treatment.

  • Esophagitis Grade M

Inflammation in the esophagus of M degree is when the disease has reached the end stage, converging all the symptoms of the above stages, cancer complications are very unavoidable. At this stage, the patient almost does not want to eat or drink, because of pain, because the body is tired, drowsy, the patient has almost no strength, disease at this stage if there is no method Advanced treatment and drastic and thorough treatment will lead to an irreversible situation.

What is esophagitis

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3. Is esophagitis dangerous?

The esophagus plays a very important role in the digestive system, when an ulcer transports food, no other organ can take over. Therefore, this is a very dangerous disease, causing very serious consequences.

  • The first act of esophagitis is to interfere with the patient’s swallowing food. Patients lose appetite and pain when eating, affecting food intake, providing nutrients to the body. Affects the physical development of the sick person. Therefore, the quality of life and working efficiency are also reduced.
  • Developing into esophageal cancer. Although this is a rare complication, if we handle well it for esophagitis in the early stages, it will not lead to this situation. However, it is rare but not uncommon when this complication can cause death. Therefore, patients should not be subjective, need to pay attention to health to detect the disease at an early stage, and have the most appropriate prevention plan.


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